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    Itskins Lava Galaxy Note 2 - Hands on

    There's such a massive choice of cases available for devices nowadays that it's hard to pick which one's for you. We've tried out something a bit different - the Itskins Lava for the Galaxy Note 2.

    First things first - this in not an ultra thin case (although it's no excessively bulky), this is a case for someone who wants to give their phone a bit of stick.

    The case itself (available in black or white) is made of rugged TPU moulded exactly to the shape of the phone with cutouts for the various ports (including easy access to the S-Pen). Unusually, the case incorporates a cover for the screen which contains metal powder to give the touch screen added protection and extra responsiveness. Sure enough, in my use the cover didn't compromise sensitivity of the screen which is nice.

    Clipping off the cover via the tabs on the front right allows you to turn the case into a stand for watching movies on the phone. My only slight concern here is that the clear cover ends up face down which might leave it more suspectible to scratches.

    All in all the ItSkins Lava case is good value at £15 and well worth a look. The Itskins Lava case for Galaxy Note 2 is one of a range of cases available from iWantMore.





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    Looks really nice... shame its out of stock. But I've signed up for the mailing list so when it comes back in stock i can order one...

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    white is in stock at the moment.. so I'm waiting for the black one to come in. If i went for the white one, i'd be afraid i'd spend all day polishing the thing to keep it spotless.

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    Just got mine today ordered it after seeing this review. It is a very nice case just what I needed. Thanks sharing:D

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