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    itskins Zero.3 HTC One case update

    In our recent review of the Itskins Zero.3 Black case for the HTC One we wondered how the white/transparent version would compare to the already excellent darker model. Well i'm happy to report that it looks EVEN BETTER as iWantMore have sent me one over to take a look at.


    As you can see, the clear body of the transparent model allows you to see all of the wonderful HTC One beneath.


    Aside from the difference in colour there is nothing new compared to the darker model, so see the original review for more details.


    The only word of warning I would give for this transparent version is to be very careful when putting the phone in and taking it out as the 'inside' of the case is prone to getting hairline scratches on it from the corners of the phone. (see final picture) And with the case being so clear they stand out more.

    So rather than putting the phone in at a steep angle, try to put it in shallower and avoid running the base of the phone on the inside of the case.

    Looking back at the black version, I can see the same problem there but to a lesser extent due to the darker colour.

    I thought the black version was good value at £12.50 with FREE P&P. But i'm even more smitten with this clear one. :)

    It certainly appears that the clear case goes better with the Silver One and the black case better with the Black One. (makes sense huh?)

    Remember, iWantMore stock the Istkins Zero.3 for HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5 in a variety of different colours.

    What do you think of it?

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