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    iWantMore S4 / One cases feature (1)

    With devices nowadays costing so much and seemingly being more fragile than ever, a good case is really a must-have. We've been looking at some itskins cases from our partner iWantMore!

    Samsung Galaxy S4 - Ghost

    If you want to protect your device but don't want to ruin the look and feel of it, the Ghost is probably the case for you. Available for a number of devices in a number of colours, the ghost adds barely any size to your device while protecting the back from scratches and some of the edges. Paired with the included screen protector it would give a reasonable degree of protection. This is one of my favourite cases - I also have it in completely transparent for my Note 2! :) A screen protector is also included.


    Samsung Galaxy S4 - Toxik

    Don't worry, it doesn't only come in pink. ;) The Toxik is an unusual bumper case. Putting your device in is literally a case of using the supplied allen key to seperate the case, sliding your device in against the silicone protectors then screwing it back together. Thankfully spare screws are provided if like me you're an idiot who manages to drop and lose one. :D The Tokix too is available for a number of devices in a number of colours, I'm quite partial to the silver and orange myself. This case gives complete edge protection and some front and back protection by adding a lip to the device. A screen protector is also included.


    Samsung Galaxy S4 - Plural

    The Plural is a leather case that double as a kickstand (as shown below). Available for S4 and Galaxy Note 8, the S4 case is well padded for protection and has slots in the front flip portion for cards etc. A screen protector is also included.


    HTC One - Sesto Carbon

    The Sesto Carbon is a heavy duty case that provides a thick rubberised edge and full back protection. Again, a screen protector is also included. A number of different designs are available for different devices, the Carbon is probably my pick of the bunch though!


    Cases are very much a 'personal preference' item... cases that some love others will have. Have a look around the large range at iWantMore and tell us what your favourite is!

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