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    LG G3 user? Fix the YouTube Chromecast crash with MoDaCo Toolkit 30

    Version 30 of the MoDaCo Toolkit is now available, featuring a new module which fixes an annoying problem on the LG G3 - the SystemUI app crashing when Chromecasting from YouTube.

    Presenting itself as follows...


    ...the bug is caused by LG's modifications to the SystemUI app to accommodate the new volume slider in the notifications pull down. Unfortunately, disabling the volume slider alone doesn't prevent the crash, hence the creation of this fix!

    MoDaCo Toolkit requires a rooted device and the Xposed Framework.

    Head on over to the MoDaCo Toolkit topic to download, or if you have a previous version installed, simply launched the MoDaCo Toolkit settings application to initiate a background update check. After installation ensure you enable the fix in the MoDaCo Toolkit settings app before rebooting to enable the module.

    Enjoy, and thanks to Glenn for bringing this bug to my attention and requesting a fix! :)


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