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    LTE equipped Xperia SP now available at T-Mobile UK

    The Xperia SP is now available on prepay at T-Mobile UK, priced at a very competitive £249.99 with no topup required.

    The LTE equipped mid-to-high range device is available in both black and white (a red version exists but is not being offered by T-Mobile) and features the following specs:

    • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
    • 1.7GHz Qualcomm MSM8960Pro Dual Core processor
    • Adreno 320 BPU
    • MicroSIM slot
    • 1280x720 4.6" screen
    • Corning Gorilla™ glass
    • 1 GB
    • 8GB ROM
    • microSD expansion
    • 8 MP camera with LED flash
    • VGA front camera
    • UMTS HSPA+ 850 (Band V), 900 (Band VIII), 1700 (Band IV), 1900 (Band II), 2100 (Band I) MHz
    • GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
    • 2370 mAh battery (typical)
    • 130.6x67.1x9.98 mm
    • 155 grams

    Impressive specs for a £250 prepay device no? If this is the new midrange... I like it! :)

    Interested? Head on over to T-Mobile to purchase, the Sony site to learn more or for the deep-down-and-dirty, check out this white paper.


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    I'd say £250 isn't at all bad for this - Sony kit tends to be lovely and very developer friendly - but in a post Nexus 4 world everything's a bit different...

    With an LTE 32gb N4 potentially round the corner, you'd have to wonder what else £250 might buy you at the end of the month

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    but non of the UK LTE tariffs are even worth thinking about... last i heard it was £35 a month for 500mb data

    which on 4G could literally be gone in around 5 minutes, (a short 1080p video on YouTube)

    on HSPA+ with T-mobile i currently get 1MB/s download speeds and pay £5 a month for unlimited internet.

    when they have unlimited LTE tariffs on payGO i will be interested :)

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