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    Mophie juice pack for HTC One announced

    Mophie, the brand more commonly associated with iPhone products, have announced a 'juice pack' battery pack for the HTC One.

    Priced at $99.95 (UK price TBC but based on iPhone 5 pricing i'd anticipate £90!), the device is shipping immediately in black with the silver version shipping from mid-May. The pack bumps the size of your device to 153.9 x 73.2 x 17 mm, up from the original 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3mm adds 143.2g in weight in return for 2500mAh of power (effectively doubling the battery capacity of your device).

    When attached the pack sits idle, ready for you to activate with a switch as required. A LED power indicator lets you keep track of how much juice is left and the pack itself is charged via the same microUSB cable you use to charge your phone.

    Mophie claim the pack has a 'sleek design, stylish silhouette' but I definitely need to see it in the flesh to be convinced. It does serve as a decent protective case when attached, but there's no question it takes rather a lot away from the HTC One's sleek lines. I quite like the idea of having one 'on hand' in case of a battery emergency, although whether it's better or worse than my existing solution, the HTC BB600 battery bank (which, unfortunately, is like gold dust atm!) i'm not really sure.

    So, One owners... what do you think? Yay or nay?

    [Via: Android Community]


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    The one is rather tall anyway, in fairness the battery life is rather good too. Nice to see the support but don't think many one owners will buy one.

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