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    Orange offering the 4G EE phones on PAYG?

    The Galaxy SIII LTE, Galaxy Note 2 LTE, HTC One XL and Huawei Ascend P1 LTE are all now available on Orange PAYG. What's the catch?

    Please note – you can buy a 4G ready phone on Orange pay as you go, but you won’t be able to get 4G unless you move to an EE pay monthly plan when EE launches.

    OK... so you can buy an LTE device at almost full price from Orange on PAYG, but it will only work on 4G if you purchase an EE 4G monthly contract.

    But what if you don't want to get an EE contract, surely you can use it on any other 4G network unlocked? Not necessarily - EE are offering 4G/LTE on the 1800mHz frequency only, there is no guarantee that these EE specific devices support any other LTE frequency that may be used by other providers.

    Of course if you are looking for an EE SIM only contract these devices are perfect, but Orange (EE) should not force you to buy a Pay as You Go SIM card in that instance that you will have no need for.

    [Via: Orange UK]

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    So the more I read about the upcoming LTE the less attractive it is looking [for the time being anyway] it seems that for the start of the revolution it is going to be a pretty costly affair. £50+ I read that it will cost for starters. Then there's the Capped data limits - 8gigs is the max they're offering,this one left me musing what the point of upgrading to LTE for superfast speeds [eg, downloading HD games, movies etc] all which are 1gig+ but of no use if data capped. To stream an HD movie for 1 hour uses roughly 2gigs.

    On their site they boast "Download a film every week on us until February 2013" er ok no mention of HD film. What is the importance of HD the fact that this is what 4g speeds are all about - ironically they also have this on the site "Unlimited calls and texts. Just pick your data."

    I would assume that with this option - Unl calls and texts with capped data that people would realise just how pointless it is especially at £56 p/m. Personally I think I'd be better off sticking with the new 3g sites such as HSPA+ // DC HSDPA such as the 3 Network [which I'm on 3 and have been for 3yrs now as they do have the fastest 3g network.

    Also I don't think that people whom will be taking up these 4g deals [i can just imagine the type, iphone 5, investment bankers, journalists and other ****s] will be too aware that congestion especially in London is a possability - for which I'm assuming is the MAIN reason for EE capping the data. Most people I've spoken with are convinced that that was a major factor of 4g - that it was future proofed against congestion.

    At least the UK goverment has forseen that what with the mish mash of different freqencies that are to be used that 5g is more than just an after thought and have green lit a new research project to get ahead of the times on the next upgrade with the likes of Samsung, Telefonica and Surrey University.

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    Basically speaking at these prices, I'll male do with HSPA+ thanks.

    I cannot justify these prices for something I will only need occasionally especially with my usage being primarily on WiFi

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