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    Ovivo Mobile update ad-supported mobile service with more minutes, texts

    Ovivo Mobile, the MVNO that charges no monthly fee, instead using ad revenue to support their service, have updated their main price plan with more minutes and texts.

    The plan, called OVIVO Phone Freedom, previously offered 100 minutes and 100 texts per month in addition to 400MB of data... both have been bumped by 50% giving you 150 texts and 150 minutes! Ovivo to Ovivo calls and texts are still free after your credit is exhausted. Ovivo Mobile uses the Vodafone network.

    A data only plan is still available (OVIVO Data Freedom), offering 500MB of data each month completely free.

    The signup process is still the same - the SIM card is free when topping up with an initial £15 of credit.

    Looking to get started? Head on over to the sign up page! Already an Ovivo user? Me too!


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