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    Samsung to release 4 inch Galaxy S3 "Mini"

    Samsung have announced that a 4 inch variant of the Galaxy S3 will be released shortly, citing "There's a lot of demand for a 4-inch screen device in Europe".

    It appears that Samsung are going to use this "Mini" to go head to head with the new iPhone 5 for those not wanting a larger form factor Android device, as surely the "There's a lot of demand for a 4-inch screen" quote reads "iPhone 5" ? :)

    It does makes a pleasant change that a potentially high-spec device from one of the big manufacturers will come with a smaller screen. We can hope that this will be the first of many as not everyone wants, nor can afford a 4.8" phone but still wants high end internals.

    I for one can't wait to see what it looks like, what it has internally and how much cheaper than the full S3 it will be. If its the same spec as the S3 in a smaller package, i'm sure it will be a great seller.

    Will it be 1280x720 or maybe qHD 960x540?

    Same camera? We hope so.

    Battery size? Maybe the only thing to take a hit in the smaller form factor?

    Is this a device you'd be interested in?

    Could 4 inch be the optimum screeen size? (back to the future?)

    Have you had enough of the screen-size race war?

    Does Samsung now have all bases and sizes covered? 4" Mini, 4.8" S3 and 5.5" Note II?

    And isn't it perfect timing for Samsung to get the "Mini" name in a device ahead of Apple and their iPad Mini? ;)

    [Via: iNews24]

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    I'm glad to see the screen size arms race dying down. While I can see the appeal of a really large screen, I like a phone I can fit in my pocket! I can see this selling well with tablet owners, who are probably less likely to want a 5" phone when they already have a 7" or 10" screen to do their browsing on.


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    I think it's clever of Samsung to brand 4" screens as 'mini'. When compared against Samsung's range of small (mini), medium (regular S3) and large (note 2) screens, the iphone5 is made to look like a device from the lower end of the spectrum.

    I wonder if they have done some research into whether consumers conflate screen size to device quality/power?


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