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    Sub £400 is the new value flagship


    So the Honor 8 is upon us and once again, the Huawei sub-brand has delivered a device which is incredibly desirable at an affordable price. Although the phone succeeds the Honor 7, the price has increased this time round to £370, perhaps partly indicative of the currency challenges of Brexit, but certainly a symptom of the elevation of the Honor flagship from wannabe premium to legitimate competitor to the likes of the Galaxy S7.

    Why would you pay more when you can pick up the Honor 8, the OnePlus 3, the Xiaomi Mi5 or a number of other alternate-brand flagships for under £400? It's a good question and no doubt something Samsung, HTC, Lenovo and co will be considering very seriously. Honor are also famously keen to chop prices in promotional offers (and indeed there's £70 of goodies included in the Honor 8 launch bundle), so the fight is even more aggressive than it first appears.


    The Honor 4X, 5C, 5X, 6, 6 Plus and 7 have all been updated to Marshmallow in a relatively timely manner and EMUI is definitely heading in the right direction, meaning that updates are in many cases being more forthcoming than those of more 'premium brands'. With the added community engagement of Honor and a growing base of resources for those of us who like to hack or tweak our devices, the reasons for not choosing the Chinese brand are coming down fast.

    Personally, I'm more than happy to use a Honor as my main device (indeed, I've been using a V8 that I personally imported from China and I'll likely switch full time to the 8 now), so if I can, there aren't a whole lot of reasons for anyone else to hold off. Water resistance? Absolute camera performance? The Galaxy S7 probably has that covered. But it's a whole lot of price premium to get those additional features.

    I am extremely interested to see how the Honor 8 does in the market over the coming months, particularly through the network deal with Three, and particularly given how well the P9 was received (remember, the Honor 8 bumps the RAM from 3GB to 4GB and the Sapphire Blue model big-time dials up the sexy).

    What are your thoughts?

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    It certainly does look good. I'm using a Honor 7 and have been since last year and I love it. By far the best phone I've used and that includes the iPhone. The 8 is quite a price hike on the 7, considering the 7 was just over £200. I doubt I'll get an 8 as I am not a chopper nor a changer, I reckon by the time I'll get round to changing the 9 or even 10 may be out.

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    I'm thinking about this as a possibility along with ZTE Axon7/mini or 1+3. The prices are a little too high for me. Looking to replace my aging Moto G2 which has no ram remaining. My wife's G4+ is nice to use but would prefer the camera use from the Honor. How is the battery as seems like it may not even be able to last a day? Based on previous sales and timelines, have the previous Honors come down in price any/much if at all? Does the white version all have the same rear mess with fingerprints or is it more disguised due to the colouring?

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    I too have an aging Moto G2 and will be going for the Honor 5C, which has a great spec for the price of £149.99 (you can find details here on Modaco).  I am not fussed about the camera, although it will be better than the Moto G, because I only take snaps.  If I want a quality photo, I take my camera.

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