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    The HTC One (M8) is available to buy today

    The HTC One (M8) has only just been announced... but it's also available to buy from today in a number of markets!

    • In the UK and the US, the device will be available within 2 hours of the end of the press conference.
    • The Google Play Edition will be available for pre-order on the Play Store later today (in the US only), in Glacial Silver priced at $699.
    • The Developer Edition will be be available for pre-order at htc.com later today (in the US only), priced at $649.
    • The Verizon version of the phone Verizon will go on sale at retail by 1:00pm.
    • The AT&T and Sprint versions will also be available to buy online, with devices in retail by April 11.
    • The T-Mobile device will go on sale starting next month.
    • The US carrier pricing is either $199 or $249 depending on the carrier on a two-year contract. Off-contract MSRP is $649.

    Are you picking one up? Let us know! :)


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    Why haven't they brought Google Play Edition devices over to the UK yet? I fully converted my One to GPe but I don't want to have to rely on that being possible each time I upgrade.

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    You'd hope with more of their apps and sense being play store driven there is less of a need for a GPe, updates should come much quicker than before.


    However, I also don't understand why GPe's only come out in the US.


    Paul, is this something you can shed your knowledge / reasoning on in the next podcast? Thanks!

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