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    TWRP recovery now available for the Padfone 2

    TWRP recovery version is now available for the Asus Padfone 2, finally opening the door to custom ROM development on the device.

    Posted in our Padfone 2 forum, the release is particularly significant as the unusual nature of the screen driver configuration on the device has previously prevented compilation of third party recoveries.

    I've packaged a couple of ROMs already in the Padfone 2 area, deodexed and optimised versions of the WWE ROM, which should provide a useful starting point for any budding tweakers.

    A big thank you to Dees-Troy and walaway for bringing this to the masses! Well, the relatively small number of Padfone 2 users anyway...


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    Strikes me this could be the form factor of the future, but they have to get the pricing right, the trade-of seems to be not having the sync'ing hassle vs the ownership of two separate devices, and given that you can get a nexus 4 and 7 for less than £450 they are at least £150 overpriced. It also seems strange they have gone for a relatively large phone screen, surely the beauty of this form factor is that the phone can be kept down to a more convenient size for the pocket, or armband etc.

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