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    Virgin Media release "TV Anywhere", but Android owners will have to wait

    Sky have Sky Go, now Virgin Media release "TV Anywhere". But both seem to have no urgency for their Android Solutions. Sky Go has a paltry supported device list and doesn't even run on Jellybean. Virgin Media have released this today, but only on Browser, iPad, iPhone and iPod.

    "Virgin Media today launched Virgin TV Anywhere, a new ‘cloud-based’ entertainment service exclusively for Virgin TV customers giving them the flexibility to enjoy their favourite TV content on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Putting customers in control of their TV viewing and planning, Virgin TV Anywhere takes advantage of Virgin Media’s cutting edge home entertainment services, calling on its expertise in television, broadband and mobile to deliver a compelling new TV service that can to be enjoyed anywhere in the UK1, even beneath the capital’s streets using Virgin Media’s public Wi-Fi on London Underground."

    "Launching initially on iPad, iPhone and iPod and available to download from the App store. Android support to follow in 2013. Up to two devices (including laptops or computers) can be registered at any one time. Customers can change registered devices on a monthly basis."

    It sounds like a great service for Virgin Media customers, but once again, Android users get screwed over in favour of our iOS counterparts. :(

    Feel free to vent below! ;)

    Source: Virgin Media Press Release

    Source: Virgin TV Anywhere

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    Just the other week I emailed Jeremy Darroch (Sky CEO), to vent my anger over their lack of Android support for Sky GO. :)

    I doubt he ever personally read the email, but I took a call from a nice lady in his office asking how she could help.

    I told her Sky GO on Android was pretty much a disgrace and she then tried explaining Android fragmentation to me. LOL. Really wish i'd have taped the conversation.


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    I'm getting pretty annoyed with companies doing this. Do they buy into the Apple hype? There are FAR more Android devices out there than iOS. Enough I would suggest to bring Android apps out first.

    My bank (Smile.co.uk) has done something similar recently with their mobile banking app. They first brought out IOS and Blackberry apps and android is coming soon (now a few months down the line). I'd wager far more of their customers use Android then either of the other two OS's.

    The particular irony with Virgin is that their mobile arm doesn't even sell the iphone (or pad) so they have effectively put other companies customers over their own. As a Virgin customer who gets their TV, home phone, broadband and mobile from them, I'm not impressed.

    What is the love affair with iOS? If the numbers stacked up I could understand but they don't. Android hold something like 57% market share to iOS's 18%.

    Companies, do some research.

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    I'm a complete noob when it comes to app making, so I was just wondering whether it's easier to make an iOS app compared to an android one? Companies may just be going for the easier option first if that's the case...

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    I s'pose the amount that iThingy owners pay for their devices they maybe ought to get some preferential treatment.

    Maybe these big companies think Android users are cheapskates who won't pay for premium services? (Idiots)

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