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    What is up with the Samsung Galaxy S5 performance?

    Just this week, I got my grubby little hands on a Samsung Galaxy S5. Gleefully, I installed my SIM card - a real struggle if like me you have a nano SIM and use an adapter - and I set it up full of hope and excitement. For once we have a Samsung device with more than passable plastics on the back. The black model I have actually looks quite nice and I like the way the new back feels. So yes, we were happy with the faux leather of the Note 3, but unlike our first impressions from MWC, we are even happier with the way the S5 feels.

    Almost straight away though I noticed a problem. For a highly specified devices like the S5, it just doesn't feel fast. Compared to the HTC One M8, it actually feels a bit slow and I am getting weird hang ups and laggy transitions. I wondered if I had a problem and I am going to reset the phone to double check, but reaching out on Twitter put me in touch with a few people having similar issues. I decided to put together a very quick video highlighting one of the performance issues, specifically how slow the device is to respond when pressing the home button.


    Do you have a Galaxy S5 and are you having any issues with performance?

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    I think you got a bit mixed up with 5s and S5 at 0:50!


    My Galaxy S3 takes about the same amount of time to switch on as the S5 in your video. I'd expect quite an improvement 2 generations on.

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    When I clicked through from Paul's tweet I was expecting more than just a post saying the S5 is laggy. A quick read of any S5 will tell you that. I was expecting atleast some insight as to why and maybe some remedies.

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    I noticed my S4 had the same problem.  When I got the latest 4.4.2 update, it improved the speed a lot - quicker than your video of the S5.


    Before the 4.4.2 update it was particularly noticeable when I woke it up first thing in the morning, could take 2 or 3 seconds before the screen came on.

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    It's a Samsung device - lag is intentionally brought into the experience, so that further down the line all the Samsung fanatics can say how Samsung have patched it, and how "they should have been given a chance for goodness sake - it's a new product", and then "It was a first revision, WHADDA YOU EXPECT?!!!" (Yes, there are still adults online who, in normal everyday life are rational beings, but then go online and start arguing in capitals with equally troll-istic people, using multiple exclamation marks to POUND!! their "point"(?) across) and they can then proceed to devolve into an inane rant about how much better it is than X, Y or Z (iPhone will be the first target, predictably) and continue to extol the virtues of removable storage, removable batteries, micro USB ... and on.... and on............. and on.....

    It's a Samsung product running a Google product (and a terribly butchered version at that) - the fact that it runs *at all* is a minor miracle.


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