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    Wileyfox look to disrupt the low-end market with ‘Add-X’ ad-supported devices

    Wileyfox, purveyors of high quality yet low cost Android Smartphones, are looking to disrupt the market by introducing cut price, lock screen ad supported versions of their devices branded ‘Add-X’.

    Initially offered on the Swift 2 Plus, Swift 2, Spark X and Spark +, Add-X will also be extended to the Swift 2 X in the coming months. The cost savings against RRP are impressive, although in reality reductions are offset by the fact that retailers (e.g. Amazon) typically carry the devices at a decent discount already.

    Add-X offers adverts that are tailored to the user’s age and gender on the lockscreen while still allows access to notifications. Users swipe right to unlock their phone as normal and swipe left to see more. This is an additional step over the standard one touch fingerprint unlock.

    Michael Coombes, CEO of Wileyfox said:


    At Wileyfox we’re committed to shaking up the competition again, to give our customers the best smartphone for their budget.  And with Add-X we’re smashing expectations at an even higher level reducing the costs across our range upfront, while also giving the consumer even more ways to be “wiley”.

    Offers will periodically include a discount or a preview of a sale – all selected to provide Wileyfox customers with brands, products and services that they would want to see. Over time a proprietary AI and machine-learning technology will tailor ads based on a user’s behavior to serve more of the brands and offers they are looking for. Advertisers on the Add-X initally currently include Dominoes, intu and Ministry of Sound.

    Wileyfox smartphones with Add-X are available from www.wileyfox.com, Amazon UK, Carphone Warehouse, eBay and  ao.com with pricing as follows:

    • Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus - £119.99 (£189.99 RRP)
    • Wileyfox Swift 2 - £99.99 (£159.99 RRP)
    • Wileyfox Spark X - £79.99 (£139.99 RRP)
    • Wileyfox Spark - £69.99 (£119.99 RRP)

    So what are Add-X devices actually like in use? I’ve been using a Swift 2 Plus for a while now and honestly, the ads are pretty unintrusive and occasionally interesting. For people looking for a decent discount on their handset, it’s definitely worth considering. Personally I’m not a fan of the Spark devices, but the Swifts (and particularly the Swift 2 X when it comes onboard) are a steal at this price.

    Ads can be removed after purchase for a one time £40 payment and yes, if you’re a bit handy with the Android hacking you’ll be able to shut them off (no, I won’t tell you how) but I really commend Wileyfox for trying something quite different and making a decent job of it.

    How do you feel about Add-X? Would the cost savings tempt you to put up with the ads?


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    Hi Paul,


    What kind of adverts have you seen, are they generic or do they use your location or?

    Shame the devices have no forums on here for users.

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    Awful idea. Cheapens the whole brand IMHO. No one in their right mind wants ads on their lock screen, I certainly wouldn't.

    Wileyfox for me have lost it completely. Obviously their phones are not aimed at people like me who know they can get better speced phones in china for less but even for the market they are attempting to hit (low end-low mid range) they don't strike me as even that good value.

    They also havnt released a new phone since 2016. Instead of annoying ad gimmicks they should cut down their confused product line and focus on software refinement, especially providing a good camera experience and trying to distinguish themselves from other vendors in the market with clever design choices.

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    I do not notice adverts on my Amazon Fire lockscreen, and as there is going to be a software update that adds Alexa to the Wileyfox range, then I consider Wileyfox are almost unofficial Amazon phones.

    Just a shame they cannot add the Amazon Appstore into the stock rom

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