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    The James Norton Column: The MoDaCo Man

    As most of you will know, Paul O'Brien is a self made MoDaCo man. He founded this community of which you are now a part and in doing so brought himself no end of fame and fortune. As he was sunning himself on the beaches of Norfolk with the rich and famous of the area, someone had to pick up the baton and run with it. Unfortunately I have never been much of a runner. I didn't even manage to set a time in the 400 metres at school. Paul just had no-one to rely on and so went back to work.

    With Paul generally beavering away in his version of the Batcave wondering if Michael Cain will come and bring him some soup, I came up with a plan. I might not be able to run with the MoDaCo baton (or even without it), but could I be Robin to his err Batman. It turns out that Paul was most like the camp Adam West Batman from the 60's so instead I decided to do my own thing. Could I also become a modern day MoDaCo man? I am going to try!

    And so here you are, reading the first of a generally weekly column on MoDaCo which will bear my name as well as the fruits of my labour. So what can you expect to see? If you follow the MoDaCo podcast (and if not, why not!?) then you will know what to expect. You will get whiskey, chocolate, biscuits and the occasional bit of talk about mobile tech.

    Coming up over the next month or two, I will be having a mega smartphone camera shootout, a pretty exciting whiskey tasting, a lot of moaning about why phones are getting so big, some views on smart watches and lots of other exciting articles talking about the things that I have found interesting for that week - or the week before perhaps!

    It's time to strap yourselves in for the ride and prepare yourself for the real article number 1, coming soon to a media consumption device near you.

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