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    Want to write for us?

    It's time for us to expand the news and content teams.

    So, what are we looking for?

    Strong written english

    This is essential. It's ok if english isn't your first language, it's not if we have to rewrite all your posts. If your writing isn't of a high standard, your work will likely end up not being posted. Nobody wants that :(

    Good understanding of mobile tech and an attention to detail

    Know the areas you want to write about, know the sources and strive for accuracy. If you currently only read two sites, finding subjects to cover on slow days is going to be hard going.

    Have an opinion

    We're not interested in just regurgitating the front page content of our competitors. You need to be able to understand what things mean, put it in context and share your thoughts with our readers.

    Regular contribution

    While this isn't a job, it isn't without its rewards. As a result, we ask that all applicants are able to post on average 5 times a week. News posts don't have to be thousands of words, in most cases a couple of hundred will suffice.


    Although we're primarily seen as an Android and Windows Phone site, we're not adverse to coverage of other technologies. If you think you've got something to contribute on iOS for example, we're interested in hearing from you.


    We can't accept writers who work with/for the vendors we write about or their partners, 'advertorial' is not ok. If you have a relationship with any of the organisations we cover in the news, we probably can't offer you a spot on the team.

    How to apply:

    1. Complete the form here. Answer all the questions you can, if you ignore a field don't be offended if we ignore your application.
    2. Be patient! Reviewing applications takes time, if you pester us for a response you might not get the answer you were hoping for :) We would expect to get back to everyone within a week of closing the application process.


    The quickest way to get a response is via Twitter.

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    Oddly enough, 14yr olds probably have a better grasp of the written language and current electronic trends then most 35yr olds. Just something to consider...

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