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    Nokia introduces new Nokia Lumia 620

    Nokia today introduced the Nokia Lumia 620, the third and most affordable in its range of Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Alongside the flagship Nokia Lumia 920 and mid-range Nokia Lumia 820, the Nokia Lumia 620 offers a more fun, youthful appeal, and compact design.

    Specs are as follows...

    • Operating System: Windows Phone 8
    • Display: 3.8-inch TFT WVGA 800x480 ClearBlack
    • Battery: 1300 mAh
    • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 processor with 1 Ghz dual-core CPUs
    • Cameras: Main: 5MP Autofocus, LED flash, Front-facing camera: VGA
    • Memory: 512MB RAM
    • 8GB mass memory (Micro SD support up to 64GB)
    • 7GB free Microsoft SkyDrive storage

    It's nice to see a challenger to the HTC 8S emerge, though as mentioned previously WP8 devices with only 512MB RAM are limited in what they can do.

    The Nokia Lumia 620 will be available in a range of colours including, lime green, orange, magenta, yellow, cyan, white and black. Estimated at USD 249, excluding taxes and subsidies, the Nokia Lumia 620 will begin selling in January 2013 in Asia, followed closely by Europe and the Middle East before expanding further.

    Decent price, decent spec, I'm hoping to see this for £150 Pay as You Go.

    [Via: Nokia]


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    I'm not sure what would not work with 512mb as nothing has been announced as yet to my knowledge? On the WP7.5 and 7.8 you have the budget devices with only 256mb which will not run the more graphically intensive games like Plants v Zombies etc.

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