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    Nokia Lumia 510 officially announced

    Nokia have officially announced the Lumia 510 Windows Phone.

    The affordable entry level Windows Phone runs on Windows Phone 7.5 at launch and will be updated to Windows Phone 7.8 at a later date.

    For $199 (before taxes and carrier subsidies) you get a 4" LCD screen with 800x480 resolution, a 5 megapixel autofocus camera (with no flash), an unspecified Snapdragon S1 processor with 256 MB RAM and 4GB storage.

    As well as the usual software preloaded on Windows Phone devices, the Lumia 510 will have Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport. As things are at the moment the 256 MB RAM will not alow you to use the Skype application for Windows Phone, but we suppose the carriers offering the device are happy with that.

    The Nokia Lumia 510 will be available from November 2012 in India, China, South America and Asia. At launch it will be available in yellow, cyan, black, red and white.

    Are you thinking of getting this entry level Windows Phone? Do you think it will be able to compete with the budget Android devices on offer? Let us now in the comments section below.

    Source: Nokia Conversations


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    It is not enough. 512MB is Minimum worth considering.

    ($199 = £125) For £160 you can get a Sim Free Lumia 800. Otherwise you can get a HTC Radar.

    256MB of Ram Costs Nothing to an OEM.

    (Dunno why they just didn't just make loads more 710's than bother with the 610 or 510 retooling the production line likely cost quite a bit).

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