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    Nokia Lumia 820 ships with free wireless charging shell

    Nokia has announced that here in the UK everyone buying a Nokia Lumia 820 will find a Wireless Charging Shell in the box at no extra cost.

    At a retail price of £55, I considered the Wireless Charging Shell an expensive accessory, so it's nice to hear that so did Nokia!

    Conor Pierce, Nokia VP for UK and Ireland commented re: wireless charging that...

    ‘it’s a new behaviour and we’re driving it's adoption’.

    The gesture to include the wireless charging shell with every Nokia Lumia 820 here in the UK means you will need to buy a charging plate but Nokia's energy-efficient wireless chargers come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so you can pick one to match your phone.

    Lastly, and best of all, they’re all Qi-compatible, which means you can use any wireless charger you like. And your friends can share yours too.

    If anyone has a Palm Touchstone charger, your new Lumia 820 should be able to charge on it.

    [Via: Nokia UK]


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