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    PayPal comes to Windows Phone

    Here’s one more reason to consider a Windows Phone - and one more app to check off the 'missing' list - the official PayPal app has arrived in the Windows Phone Store.

    The application lets you send and request money, check the balance of your account, withdraw funds and check your transaction history. Also the application’s "Local" feature displays nearby stores using the PayPal Here service, so you can pay them via the application.

    Sadly the "Local" feature does not work in the United Kingdom, so I cant test it, but the application performs well on my Lumia 610, it's been designed with the Windows Phone (formerly known as Metro) UI in mind, you slide left and right to see different screens, and it feel's more functional than the Android version.

    One concern is that it keeps you permanently logged in to the application, no password needed, which to me is a security concern and an inconvenience to have to manually log out after each use.

    Let us know what you think. I like it - I just hope it get's NFC integration with Windows Phone 8.

    [Via: Windows Phone Store]


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