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Alleged Samsung Galaxy S III Mini specs and image leak

Samsung have confirmed they're announcing it... are these the specs and is this what it looks like?

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT-I8190
  • 4.0 inch Super AMOLED display with 800 × 480 pixels, 16.67 million colors, capacitive touchscreen, multi-touch
  • STE U8420 dual-core 1.0GHz CPU
  • HSPA 14.4/5.76 900/1900/2100, EDGE / GPRS 850/900/1800/1900
  • 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and LED Flash, Resolution 2592 x 1944 pixels / VGA front camera
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB ROM + microSD slot
  • Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean"
  • MicroUSB port
  • 3.5mm headphone port
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • WiFi a/b/g/n 2.4/5GHz
  • NFC
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • 121.55 x 62.95 x 9.85 mm
We've taken the image from mobilegeeks and fixed the sizes between the two devices, so here it is compared to the Galaxy S III. Thoughts?

[Via: mobilegeeks.de (German)]

Posted Image

About the author

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Paul O'Brien founded MoDaCo in 2002 as a site focused on Windows Smartphones and has grown it since then by concentrating on providing a friendly community for both experienced and beginner mobile enthusiasts.

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They could have made it qHD, at least it would have stood out a little then. Also, what the hell is a STE U8420 SoC?
    • 0
I was genuinely excited this morning at the thought of a full spec'ed 4" S3........ but now i'm totally underwhelmed. :(
    • 0
Could STE be ST-Ericsson? The mid-entry level uses ST-Ericsson CPU.

    • 0
Looks like a decent phone for those that don't care about quad core this and HD that, but do want to be able to run recent apps and do basic tasks such as making call, checking emails, Facebook posts, etc.
    • 0
Yes, I believe it's a ST-Ericsson chip...

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Too many Galaxies? :)

Samsung Galaxy phones released in the last 12 months (http://en.wikipedia..../Samsung_Galaxy)

* Not included the two? announced this week.... (i can't keep up!) :)

November 2011 Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i9250) [34]
January 2012 Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos[35]
January 2012 Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus[36]
February 2012 Samsung Galaxy Ace 2[37]
February 2012 Samsung Galaxy Mini 2[37]
February 2012 Samsung Galaxy Beam (i8520)[38]
March 2012 Samsung Galaxy Pocket[39]
April 2012 Samsung Galaxy S Advance[40]
May 2012 Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-i9300)[41]
May 2012 Samsung Galaxy Appeal (SGH-I827)
July 2012 Samsung Galaxy Stellar (SCH-I200)
September 2012 Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE (SPH-L300)
September 2012 Samsung Galaxy Reverb (SPH-M950)
September 2012 Samsung Galaxy Rush (SPH-M830)
October 2012 Samsung Galaxy Express (SGH-I437)
October 2012 Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro (SGH-I547)
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Oct 10 2012 03:48 PM
+1 for a QHD screen, seems it's all or nothing between the S3 and the S3 mini :lol:
    • 0
lol, samsung are joke. Touch wiz is still fugly, and they also doing everything they can to cheapen the galaxy line brand name but releasing shed loads of low spec, cheap feeling fail phones. Sad state of affairs really for the number one seller of 'premium' android devices, no wonder people are still flocking to apple in their droves.
    • 0
WAY too many devices...

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