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Amazon to launch a 10 inch Kindle Fire?

Digitimes is reporting that Amazon are likely to release a 10 inch version of the Kindle Fire at some point in 2012. In addition they will launch a new version of the current 7 inch model. Their 'industry sources' say that Amazon have ditched plans to release an 8.9 inch tablet which is a shame as I like this size for a tablet. They also state Amazon are reducing their orders for e-ink displays, pointing to a scaling down of their e-book reader business.

The news doesn't surprise me as a 10" tablet allows for much better consumption of some media, particularly video, but reading e-books on a tablet is not the nicest experience in the world.

Hopefully the 2nd generation tablets will have a much higher storage capacity than the originals paltry 8GB - 32GB would be my preference however with Amazon's desire to keep prices down we may well see 16GB devices.

What additional features would you like to see in the next iteration of the Kindle Fire? You know the drill - leave your comments below.

Source: Digitimes

About the author

Mark Dearlove's Photo
Mark is a Technical Trainer for a major software company by day, wannabe journo by night. Gadget freak whose mantra is 'Give me more RAM dammit'

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Without access to Amazon Prime, as Dragon's Den's Duncan Bannatyne would say,

"I'm Out!"

I looked forward to the Amazon Kindle Fire being released but due to the licensing deal that Amazon have in the US only, we were never going to get the Fire in the UK and I feel may hold true for future tablets.
We shall wait and see
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