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Android 4.2 - are you finding it buggy?

Many Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, 7 and 10 owners running 4.2 are raising complaints about bugs in Google's latest release.

Here's just a few of their gripes:
  • Missing December 2012 in contacts
  • Bluetooth broken
  • Severe battery drain
  • Slow charging times
  • Lockscreen issues
  • Erratic auto brightness
  • Random Reboots
Have you seen any of the above? Or maybe something different? If so, what device are you running and what are your symptoms?

Personally, i'm seeing lockscreen issues on my Nexus 4, it just keeps appearing/turning the screen on for no reason just sat on my desk. :(

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About the author

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Zarch is a veteran gadgeteer who has owned everything from a Commodore VIC-20 to an iPhone 5S and much of what came in-between.

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It was pretty buggy for me (battery life mainly). Although I put it on by flashing the takju system.img and then upgrading.

I gave in and just flashed the 4.2 takju stock image, and since then I have had comparatively few problems! (edit: completely started over)

One of my biggest bugbears is the change in how the camera handles screen rotation. Before 4.2 the buttons would all rotate without interrupting the image.

Now in 4.2 the whole image freezes, you get the rotation animation, and then the image becomes live again. On the Nexus 4 this might be quite snappy but on the galaxy nexus it is a really annoying interruption.
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Found it buggy and inconsistent around the lock screen and general overall lag on the GNex.

On my nexus 4 it's not bad, just gives the impression of being generally rushed and a bit of design for designs sake.
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Yes buggy as hell, random reboots, none working wi-fi, poor battery life and lock screen issues. Went straight back to 4.1.2 and all is good in the world again. SGNex
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I have no problems with 4.2 on my Nexus 4, but on my Nexus 7 4.2 is really shitty!
-"Buttons" goes missing
-Slow as hell
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The only problem I have had on my N4 is the random screen-on you describe in the last paragraph. It's not frequent but it is annoying when it happens.
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4.2 on my Nexus 7 is really, really slow. Also find the power button to be unresponsive at the best of times. Often have to press it several times before it switches on. Could well be that that's related to the slowness!
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My N7 seems to be suffering from 'Erratic auto brightness' issue, but everything else is fine with the 4.2.
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My Nexus 7 has the annoying auto-brightness all over the place problem and has had a few random reboots (though this might be down to a particular app - HD Widgets seems to cause a reboot each time it updates).
Haven't noticed any problems with battery life.
Was pretty unresponsive immediately after the upgrade but seems fine now - lots of apps putting out 4.2 updates so maybe this has helped?
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Nov 20 2012 11:07 AM
Right after upgrading my n7, it was nightmarish. Forced closes, Firefox wouldn't start, mx player refused to play, overall sluggishness. Over time apps have upgraded, and now everything is fixed except for the annoying auto brightness all over the place bug.

I might even say it's faster than before, though it may be the effect of a few days of watching paint dry on the tablet.
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I've not really noticed the auto brightness issue on my N4 as I have Lux Auto Brightness installed..... might be worth checking that out: https://play.google....HV4LmZyZWUiXQ..
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Big lockscreen issues for me (Gnex on 4.2).
My screen kept turning on by itself sometimes every 10sec, sometimes every 1min, it killed my battery life and was very annoying in the dark (i use my phone as an alarm clock).

So => back to CM.10 and everything went to normal.
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I don't have ANY issue (apart from the december 2012 bug in contacts)

installed a stock/rooted 4.2 on my Gnex over the previous modaco custom rom (clearing cache & dalvik) ran for a couple of days without issue, then installed the 4.2 MCR (again, clearing caches) and had no issue at all.
battery life is about the same for me when using the phone, and WAY better in sleep (connected to wifi)
tested bluetooth with my headphones and no problems either.

I think all the bugs may be because an incompatible app or cooked/custom rom setting. I like my rom as stock as possible, usually modaco custom rom with menu button mod and trackball alert. I always had a bad time with heavily modified roms and apps that dig too deep into the system, they all made my phone worse in the long run and forced me to reflash.
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An issue that plagues everyone is grey backgroun messup in dialog boxes such as ringtones, wallpaper, etc.... look for it on the right side, you'll see a bunch of stupid lines...... all devices using 4.2
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Nexus 7 with 4.2 is very, very slow for me since I activated multiple user profiles - on single user it was OK.

Nexus 4 wakes up the screen for every notification and update (it wakes precisely every 15 mins, the schedule for Plume updates).
Funnily enough it wasn't the case until today (or I didn't notice that).
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Nov 20 2012 12:34 PM
Yeah, I'm getting some funky glitches on my N4:

https://www.dropbox....11-20 15.30.jpg
https://www.dropbox....11-20 18.14.jpg
https://www.dropbox....12-11-20 18.jpg

Please tell me others are seeing this :(
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I just got my Galaxy Nexus a few days ago so i flashed the full takju image and wiped everything and I don't have any of the mentioned bugs (just the December in people app missing)
But my friend was running 4.1.2 and wanted to update without wiping data, and his phone is full of bugs after the update

I assume the bugs are caused by updating but don't happen with a fresh factory image install
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My Nexus 7 is running fine on 4.2, the only issue is the charging times. Put it to charge (was at 13%) at about 0830 this morning, it's now 1415 and it's at 78%!
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My N7 is running well after the update but because I was on the MoDaCo 4.1 I did a flash of the factory image rather than the OTA update.

4.2 does seem smoother.

I did have an issue with Firefox only running for a few seconds before stopping, but FF is now updated and performs fine.

I have installed Button Saviour and removed the standard buttons giving more screen real estate.

I am using Blue VPN to teather my N8 and it works fine.

Looking forward to another MoDaCo update for the N7 but what I currently have is a good second.
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my bluetooth is breaking quite a bit (running Modaco 4.2) on my Gnex
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Everything is working fine on my nexus 7 (apart from the December calendar bug)
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Andrey Putintsev
Nov 20 2012 06:48 PM
battery life was indeed much better in 4.1.2
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Nov 20 2012 06:51 PM
Issues with my Nexus 7:
  • Battery life sucks compared to what it was before the update
  • Stuttering and unresponsive performance
  • Slow charging
  • Random reboots
  • Decembergate (of course)
  • Power button (and even using a smart case) seem unresponsive 50% of the time for waking up the screen
Seems like a rushed update to me. Needed to release something to go with the new Nexus hardware I guess...
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I get every issue youve mentioned here.
Its a really poor first release.

Biggest problem for me is having to charge my phone almost three times a day...

Thats with only ten minutes solid use an hour!
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I updated my N7 OTA and it looks like a load of apps got wiped! I am running rooted stock.

Must say I think the new lock screen clock looks hideous!
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I'm with gitf@ce on the clock. Fortunately HD Widgets released a lockscreen widget a couple of days after the 4.2 update. I do like the design of the stopwatch part of the clock app though.
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