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Bargain Watch: The Nook HD firesale continues

Further to Paul's review of the Nook HD+ and the news that Nook will stop making Android Hardware, the firesale continues.

Over on the official Nook website you can now pick up a Nook HD for £99 (8gb) or 16gb (£129) and the Nook HD+ for £149 (16gb) or £179 (32gb). Don't forget Quidco of 4% on purchases.

The main appeal of both devices is higher than usual resolution screens - the 7" HD packs a 1440x900 screen, the 9" HD+ a 1920x1080 panel. The main omission is a front facing camera.

[Via: Nook]

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About the author

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Zarch is a veteran gadgeteer who has owned everything from a Commodore VIC-20 to an iPhone 5S and much of what came in-between.

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Argos are also now showing the 8gb HD for £99: http://www.argos.co....ber/8140371.htm

Although they are showing higher prices than Nook direct for other models.
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I got one before exchanging it the next day for a Nexus 7.

Don't get me wrong it's an amazing tablet spec wise, but the Nook desktop just wasn't my bag - too restrictive - it also felt like I was meant to use it just as an ebook reader even after the update which included the Google Play store. Too much hassle though to mess with it and change to a custom ROM for something that was new and under warranty. I'll miss the screen though ;)

Nexus 7 is powerful, but boring to look at till you customise it to your likeing - but at least you can! Sorry Nook, sniff!
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