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CoPilot Live Premium for Android updated

My favourite onboard navigation application for Android (i.e. one that doesn't require an Internet connection to function), CoPilot Live Premium, has received yet another major update for free! :)

The update, available now via the Google Play Store, adds:
  • FREE MAP UPDATE: the latest NAVTEQ street maps!
  • NEW INFO DISPLAY: including Current Road
  • IMPROVED ACTIVETRAFFIC™: redesigned status bar and map
  • THEMES: awesome new colour schemes
  • CLEAR DESTINATION BUTTON: easily delete the current trip
  • CLOUD BACKUP: favourites, recents and subscriptions
  • ANDROID INTEGRATION: navigate to an address in an email
  • BACKGROUND NAVIGATION: voice directions while using other apps
  • MINIMIZE COPILOT: using device Back button
As well as the above, the app looks much crisper on high resolution devices (i'm using it on my One X and Nexus 7 regularly).

As before 12 months of ActiveTraffic is included with your purchase as well as free speed camera alerts, a huge POI database, live position upload, Google and Bing integration, walking mode, Twitter and Facebook integration and much much more.

Co-Pilot Live UK is priced at £24.99, the Europe version is £39.99 and the USA version is an unbelievably low priced £11.90.

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