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- - - - -

EXCLUSIVE: Blinkbox to get Chromecast support, improved Android apps, WP app and more

Blinkbox, the Movie, Music and Books service from Tesco, is to get significant upgrades throughout this year, including Chromecast support!

As revealed in these EXCLUSIVE slides, the service is to get major upgrades to bring it in line with the competition, including:
  • All services
    • New and improved branding / logo
  • Movies + TV
    • Chromecast support from July 2014
    • iPad and Android Tablet download support from August 2014
    • iPhone app from September 2014
    • Android phone app (to supplement the current tablet app) from October 2014
  • Music
    • Updated apps with improved discovery in Summer 2014
    • Windows Phone support also in 2014
  • Books
    • Fledgling books service to be featured on Hudl from June
    • New social reading features (think Blinkbox book club!)
    • Exclusive clubcard offers
Nowadays control of an ecosystem is MASSIVELY important for larger brands, so constantly improving the Blinkbox service is something Tesco has to do. I'm not sure personally if the Blinkbox brand really works when you add music and books to the mix, but it will be interesting to see how things progress.

Also? More apps supporting Chromecast can only be good news! :)

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Paul O'Brien founded MoDaCo in 2002 as a site focused on Windows Smartphones and has grown it since then by concentrating on providing a friendly community for both experienced and beginner mobile enthusiasts.

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