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Google I/O 2013 - rumours and your want list?

Google's annual developer conference is just 7 weeks away. What do you expect to see and more importantly what do you WANT to see announced?

Google IO 2013, May 15-17, Moscone Center, San Francisco

Typing 'io 2013 rumours' (or similar) into Google brings up a raft of topics..... Here are just some of the rumours currently doing the rounds:

Key Lime Pie (Android 5)
A year since 4.1, could it be time for the release of 5.0? But how will it improve on 4.2?

Google Glass
After seeing those recent Google Glass videos i'd love to see more

Motorola X Phone
Since Google purchased Motorola rumours have persisted about the "X Phone", could we see something?

Nexus 5 Phone
The camera is pretty poor on the N4 compared to high end shooters, could LG be delivering a sucessor to the N4 so soon?

Nexus 7 HD Tablet
Google announced the Nexus 7 at last years IO, so time to upgrade the tablet with a HD screen?

Google Now
More improvements on Googles answer to Siri?

Google TV / Nexus Q
Something in the TV/streaming space?

Google Babble
An app that unifies Talk, Messenger, Voice, Hangouts etc

Google Keep
Released the other week, maybe some emphasis on it and how it integrates into KLP?

ChromeOS/Android merge
After the release of the Chromebook Pixel, rumours abound that Android and ChromeOS could merge or at the least share functionality

A new midrange Chromebook
Is there a need for a new Chromebook to sit between the £229 ARM device and the £1049 Pixel. The last 'decent' model was the Samsung 550, does that need replacing?

What will the lucky so and so's who grabbed a ticket walk away with this year? :)

So what of the above interests you? What's likely......... or what's just Key Lime Pie in the sky? (sorry, couldn't resist) ;)

Part of me can't see either X Phone or Nexus 5 so soon after the release of the Nexus 4, but you never know. Maybe Google are planning to make I/O the new yearly refresh point for all their hardware?

Anything else you think might be on their agenda?

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About the author

Zarch1972's Photo
Zarch is a veteran gadgeteer who has owned everything from a Commodore VIC-20 to an iPhone 5S and much of what came in-between.

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Very hopeful of a Nexus 5 announcement...
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I'm hoping a return of Android @ Home is on the cards. Other than that, I'm looking forward to the possibility of Key Lime Pie, Babel, and Google TV improvements (and hopefully an appearance in AOSP. CM11 on an ODROID-U2 running a new Google TV UI? Yes please.
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Apr 03 2013 04:40 PM
Only thing I really want is Google Fibre.
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Apr 04 2013 12:10 AM
I think a replacement nexus 7 is on the cards, and a refresh of android up to key lime pie to go with it, who knows what else they will add in to it.

I'd like to see them find more uses for Google music, I've recently grabbed a load of squeeze boxes and a function like that using Google music would be pretty sweet.
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New Nexus 7 with 1080p screen and 2gb RAM is very likely.

I also think they'll release Key Lime Pie, and I think they'll make the new messaging service (Babel) a big part of it. They'll go with 'Revolutionising messaging' or something silly like that...

Don't think there'll be a new Nexus phone, as half year update cycles seem to annoy customers that bought the original (see HTC for how NOT to do it - HTC One X+ and Sensation XE). Plus less money spent on manufacturing by having a year long update cycle!
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1. New Nexus 7 with Key Lime Pie
2. Babble
3. A complete surprise with that "I didn't see that coming" factor
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The Soup Thief
Apr 24 2013 08:22 AM
There are rumours on the wires that Key lime pie is being delayed a few months to allow carriers to sort their acts out and upgrade, at least to Ice cream sandwich if not Jellybean. Hence may not appear at I/O.
N4 likely to be updated with additional version featuring 32mb of storage and (functioning) 4g / lte (sources include http://feedproxy.goo...~3/6_PX5aHj5kc/)
N7 spec bump is thought likely with a switch of processors
There are a bunch of other things rumoured too but I'm sure you can google i/o and find out
Having said all that, I wouldn't be too surprised to see a demo of klp, even if it's not released yet
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