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Less than a week until the Nexus 4 release, are you still buying?

Its been 10 days since the announcement of the Nexus 4 phone and as a Galaxy Nexus owner its been a torrid 10 days I can tell you.

Shall I, Shan't I, Will I, Won't I?

One day i'm in the yes camp, the next my other head says

I still love my Galaxy Nexus.
  • Granted, the camera isn't the best, but personally I don't think its anywhere near as bad as the critics bang on about and I would be willing to live with it.
  • Its certainly still quick enough a device, albeit with the odd little slowdown now and then.
  • Screen? Not sure I concur with the pentile haters, I don't see much wrong with the GN screen.
  • Battery life? Well i've got the 2000mAH extended battery in there and it suffices most days, but struggles on those long days away from the charger.
  • 16gb? well already i've cut down on the locally stored music on my GN and would have to do the same on the Nexus 4.
What about finance? Well the arse has well and truly fallen out of the 2nd hand prices of the Galaxy Nexus since the announcement. And due to the very attractive price of the Nexus 4, i'm assuming similar fates on other models? How have the Galaxy S3 prices fared? And other HTC, Samsung and Sony phones? Are they worth less than they were 11 days ago?

I suppose I could get £180/£200 for my mint Galaxy Nexus with all the trimmings, then have to find only £80 for the Nexus 4?

Is the Nexus 4 a £80/£100 better device than the Galaxy Nexus?

So what if you don't jump next week, what are you waiting for? What is on the horizon?

Mobile World Congress at the end of February in Barcelona usually leads to at least one flagship announcement, maybe HTC again. (The One X then followed in April)

But points to consider:
  • How will the spec be much better than the Nexus 4?
  • Will it get anywhere near the N4 pricing?
  • Are you willing to wait another 4-5 months from today until the new device is released?
And what about Samsung? The S3 was released in May 2012, the S2 released Feb 2011, so if they have another early year release it could still 6 months away. And the same questions above need to be asked.

So any new device won't have much better specs, could cost twice as much and won't be available until 6 months from now? Is it just a no brainer to go and buy the Nexus 4?

The price, the specs, the competition, future devices, their timescales?

You will have the best phone, the latest version of Android with guaranteed updates in your pocket TODAY for (in mobile phone terms) a very cheap price.

I think I might have just persuaded myself in typing all that out. ;)

What about you?

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About the author

Zarch1972's Photo
Zarch is a veteran gadgeteer who has owned everything from a Commodore VIC-20 to an iPhone 5S and much of what came in-between.

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My 2X will be retired as soon as I get the nod from Google.
Just hope it's sooner rather than later.
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Will there be a subforum for the nexus 4 at modaco?
    • 0
Nov 11 2012 12:13 PM
well i will buy a nexus 10 if i had the shot and was in release country now i am stuck waiting for an eternity...
    • 0
Have you seen the live test at Chip.de?
Google translated Version
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Nov 12 2012 03:50 PM
As much as I love my Galaxy SII, currently running with CM10 rom, I really hanker after a change. CM does a great job of making the GSII a much nicer phone, but by not having the open sources it doesn't work anywhere near as well as it could. Therefore I'm pretty much decided that I need to make a move to a stock android device, where the updates are swift and plentiful.

However there are a couple of thorns in the side of my plan:
1) I understand why Nexus devices don't have SD card slots ... but really wish it could have had more than 16GB.
2) I really love the form factor of the Galaxy Note II !!!

But, as I'll be buying outright, and then selling the Galaxy S II, I think I'll end up with Nexus!
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wow..had 2 in my basket..and even reached google wallet at one stage..but no joy..nice one google! :(
    • 0
yeah, i'm waiting for the 16gb version... noticed the 8gb version was available at 8 30 but not the 16gb

now there both unavailable lol
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I am definitely buying it. I guess my Blade has come to a time that will need to retire before it dies (poor key responsiveness, camera, lack of hw support in newer android versions).

- Price
- Genuine Android (hell yeah)
- Screen resolution

- Screen size (it would be shocking after I switch from the 3.2" Blade :) )

Surely the Blade has a 3.5" screen! :-)
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