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New ZTE device arrives for Orange and Virgin Mobile

After what has seemed like ages, ZTE and Orange have released a new device, the Orange Dublin. It's the first ArmV7 device we have seen from ZTE in Europe.

The Orange Dublin is also known as the ZTE Skate Kis, a quick search on the internet gives us the following features:
  • Qualcomm MSM7225A
  • 256MB RAM
  • 512MB ROM
  • 3.5" 320x480 HVGA Screen
  • 2048 x 1536 pixels (3.15MP) Camera Sensor
If anyone has not guessed yet, it's running Gingerbread, and the 256MB RAM & 512MB ROM cripples the device.

Sebastian404 alerted MoDaCo to the device nearly two months ago, but we only like to publish articles when networks confirm. Orange Switzerland have confirmed they are stocking the device on pay as you go for CHF 79.

There is an ongoing forum discussion in Other Devices, the Dublin was rumoured to have NFC, but Orange Switzerland's website does not confirm this.

It seems the ZTE Kis will be exclusive to Virgin in the UK, for £49.99 pay as you go! That's a good price point, and is the second ArmV7 device I've seen under £50 in the last week, the LG Optimus L3 being the first.

[Via: Orange Switzerland]

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Avaya, SIP, ISP Engineer by day, Android hack at night and weekends. Firefox OS looks pretty

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Jul 12 2012 11:29 AM
This looks like the same phone I was just reading about over on DS.


Supposed to be an exclusive to Virgin Media, well I suppose it is because Orange has put “Dublin” in the name of their model.
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It's an exclusive for Virgin Media in the UK, though Virgin seem to have screwed up their release, as the press release states:

The Kis handset will be available only at Virgin Media in store, on line and through telesales from the 11th July.

And It's still not available from their online store.
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