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Nexus 4, 7 3G and 10 go on sale, 4 / 10 32GB sell out

The Nexus 4 8GB / 16GB, Nexus 7 3G and Nexus 10 16GB / 32GB have gone on sale this morning, of sorts - and the Nexus 4 (both versions) and 10 (32GB) have already sold out.

The devices, which went on sale at around 8:15 GMT, were made available for sale directly from the Google Play store which demonstrated a complete inability to cope with the levels of traffic experienced. Server errors, self emptying baskets and other issues were experienced by all who tried to order, including yours truly. :(

The Nexus 4 is now sold out in both 8GB and 16GB iterations, super frustrating for those who managed to put one in their store basket soon after the device went on sale, only to be denied at the last by server problems.

2 day shipping on the new devices is being charged at £9.99 for the phones (3-5 days) and £13.99 for the tablets (2 days), a sneaky way to claw back some profit on the low margin devices.

How was your experience? What have you bought / tried to buy / failed to buy?

I managed to order a N7 3G but completely failed on the N4 front and i'm put off supporting Google with a N10 order out of principle. :(

Posted Image

About the author

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Paul O'Brien founded MoDaCo in 2002 as a site focused on Windows Smartphones and has grown it since then by concentrating on providing a friendly community for both experienced and beginner mobile enthusiasts.

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Fortunately I managed to get my hands on a few N4 16GB so I'll be listing them on eBay later.

Only kidding. :P
    • 0
I tried multiple times, none went through, colleague got one without trying.
Eventually got right to the end and the card got declined even though there's plenty of money on it

Then when they were back to "Coming soon" I got a confirmation email for a 16Gb one

then an 8Gb one

then another 8Gb one!

cancelled the 2 8Gb ones (was tempted to sell on at cost to someone like Paul O, but the Mrs needed the money for Christmas Shopping this weekend), no wonder the card got declined!
    • 0
I tried the site about 7.30am and again at about 8.30am. Both times I've got the 'Coming Soon' box.

I feel slightly let down by Google, at least they could of made the site work for people that waited to purchased the N4 & then display a 'Sold Out' for those that were late.

Why didnt they do a 'Pre-Purchase' is very odd. Do you think they underestimated the demand?

Hopefully thing will sort itself out later or in the next few days - i'm still getting a 16Gb N4 as soon as its available.
    • 0
Sounds like Google have used the old Apple trick of release day pandemonium with a sell out of devices they probably have stacks of for a bit of free publicity.
    • 0
Yeah, it does seem that everyone is going mental in trying to get one.

If only their website had handled the demand better, I think there would be a few less pissed off people.

All we need now is Samsung to cut the price of the S3 to £250 & surely the internet will crash, plunging the enitre world into the dark age!!!
    • 0
Was logged on and ready by 8am this morning, after reading on XDA that they'd sold out in Australia within hours I figured that I better get it done early (asap).

8:00 Nexus 4 (16Gb) showing COMING SOON
8:05 Nexus 4(16Gb) showing COMING SOON
8:10 Nexus 4(16Gb) showing COMING SOON
8:15 Nexus 4(16Gb) showing COMING SOON
8:16 Finally IN STOCK

Started attempts at Sale(s), I wanted 2 16Gb devices and 1 bumper case.

Each screen and the responses to each button press was frightening slow (for Google)

8:19 Started buying again
8:20 Items in Your Cart - Your cart is currently empty.
8:21 Oops, we had a problem with your request. Please try again.

8:21 Only Nexus 4(8Gb) in STOCK (16Gb) showing COMING SOON
8:22 Only Nexus 4(8Gb) in STOCK (16Gb) showing COMING SOON

<Started to pull my own hair out at this point>
<thought I'd continue in the chance that stock was being released in batches?>

8:23 Started buying again
8:24 Cart Updated: The following items have been removed from your cart because they are currently unavailable.
2 x Nexus 4 (16GB)
Nexus 4 Bumper (Black)
Your cart is currently empty.
8:25 Started buying again
8:26 Cart Updated: The following items have been removed from your cart because they are currently unavailable.
8:27 Oops, we had a problem with your request. Please try again.
8:28 Cart Updated: The following items have been removed from your cart because they are currently unavailable.
8:30 Oops, we had a problem with your request. Please try again.

After continual errors, I continually tried again only to encounter similar issues

8:31am Succeeded :) Now that wasn't easy!! :)

8:32 Only Nexus 4(8Gb) in STOCK (16Gb) showing COMING SOON
8:32 Received promised email that Nexus 10 was there to buy
8:42 Received promised email that Nexus 4 was there to buy (even though now out of STOCK)
    • 0
£9.99 delivery... is there no other option?
    • 0
Nov 13 2012 09:47 AM
Payment process kept failing for me and was convinced I missed out. Then I got a string of VERY delayed emails and almost had a heart-attack. Thank god I found the cancel button.

Posted Image
    • 0
Very annoying experience as the poor server performance unexpected.
Checked the status all throughout the night, about 8:20ish added a 16GB N4, then I had the usual sluggish site performance, orders not completing, popup boxes! for Google wallet, errors on checkout, errors in Google wallet. Quite a nightmare really, I hope they flick the switch and put them back on sale.

They could at least do an Apple and allow people to pre/order and sit in the queue.
    • 0
Hope some more get released today, my failed order attempts where equally as frustrating as everyone else's!
    • 0
It was pretty bad. I got one in my basket the second my F5-ing showed a change and just kept hitting Process until it finally went through. Took 20 minutes and failed at just about every stage at least once. But I finally bagged a 16Gb one so I'm happy.

It removed it from the basket once, right at the beginning so I think I was lucky as I was able to re-add while it was still in stock and it stayed there after that until I finally completed.

Pretty shambolic though
    • 0
Complete and utter failure. Can't believe the buying experience was so bad. I had a 16GB Nexus 4 in my basket on numerous occasions Clicking proceed only to be told an error had occurred. Even made it into the google wallet a couple of times, for it to then fail at the last step. Lost count of the number of times my basket got emptied.

How can such a large company be so incompetent at producing a stable shopping experience, why let people add the item into the basket if its not even available!

Was looking forward to getting one of these, did kind of think that it was going to be a nightmare to get hold of one, would have been nice to be proved wrong, but hey looks like that was expecting too much!

Same experience regarding the notification email as everyone else, received my email once all stocks had been sold, not really much of a notification that one is it?
    • 0
It's funny reading the comments being in the camp who did not rush out and try and buy.
Everyone is very passionate, and thinks google are terrible and wont buy a nexus 10 :)
But FFS, come on, They release a new phone at a bargain price (compared to other stuff in the UK) with latest OS etc and Google who surely know a bit or 10 about load balancing cant cope.
I think the problem is - too many people hitting the site, not enough devices for supply and demand. I'm not sure other sites could have coped much better. Although Amazon / Ebay do OK.

My experiences with the play store and google people is more than fine. This is surely just one of those very unusual blips.
    • 0
I just ordered a Nexus 4 literally 10 minutes ago :D

I spoke to Google (Got through to someone straight away and after a bit of chat about how dissipointed i was and then a long, long time on hold he got me through to someone who knew what was going on at google wallet).

He still didn't explain it that well but it sounded like anyone who got to the 'wallet' stage of the order effectively reserved themselves a place in the queue for canceled orders or new stock.

If you're one of those people and refresh the N4 order page, eventually you should see an 'add to cart' option. You're still competing with anyone else who is 'queued' i think (this was what he didn't explain very well) so you still might find you get a 'failed' message but keep trying - only took me about 40 F5's and 3 failed orders before i got my order to go through.

Sorry if any of the above is off the mark, I'm just relaying what i was told/what worked for me. I was so ridiculously frustrated to not get a nexus earlier so obviously over the moon with this, hopefully you lot get lucky too :) I have the confirmation email if anyone doesn't believe me.
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I wonder how many people are on the Nexus 4 device page hitting f5 to see if it becomes available. Why don't Google just tell us whats going on?
    • 0
Managed to get a 16gb N4 after repeatedly having to restart the payment process. It disappeared from my cart a few times but I found that if I went back a couple of pages it would reappear and I was able to start the payment process all over again. 30 mins of doing that and the order went through.

    • 0

"I wonder how many people are on the Nexus 4 device page hitting f5 to see if it becomes available. Why don't Google just tell us whats going on?"

^ Yep, that would be me!

btw, CTRL+F5 is better as thats a complete refresh & clears the cache for that page instead of using cache stored on the PC.
    • 0
Nov 13 2012 10:43 AM
The 3G Nexus 7 Link is working again just managed to get my order through at 10:40
    • 0
I see quite a few are on Ebay now for a £70+ mark up! Still tempted..........lol
    • 0
I thought about buying 3 or 4 & selling them on ebay. But because of all the fees involved to make at least £10 profit you need to selling a N4 for £335+
So, to me, its definately not worth the hassle of making £30~£40
    • 0
What other company can manage to frustrate, annoy and downright alienate a major part of the it's own potential (and existing) customer base; Google ofcourse.
Extremely amateurish selling campaign, someone should get fired for this, hopefully someone senior at Google like maybe a VP !
It was so very simple to solve; take pre-orders, judge response, source accordingly.

Google, you have made some enemies today !
    • 0
Nov 13 2012 11:23 AM
It was a painless process for me. N4 16gb & N10 16gb ordered with £9.99 shipping total.

Just hoping they ship in order. Last couple of times I preordered I was always shipped days after everyone else!
    • 0
Nov 13 2012 02:41 PM
Bah, just spoke to a nice lady at Play Store devices support, no specific date given as to when they are due back in stock

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 13 November 2012 14:32
To: me
Subject: RE: [2-2823000000137] Phone Call Follow-up

Hello Richard,

Thank you for contacting Google Play! I received a call from you concerning the Nexus 4 availability. I can understand that receiving a new device can be exciting. I would be more then happy to clarify any questions you may have concerning this device.

We're working to stock additional inventory and hope to have Nexus 4 available soon. I’m unable to provide a specific date of availability at this time.

If you've already ordered, please rest assured that your existing order is in no way affected and will ship according to the time frame listed at the time of your order.
    • 0
I'm not sure why everyone's going so mental, this type of thing happens all the time on websites all around the world when they become overloaded with traffic, just because they are Google does not mean they are exempt especially if they hadn't predicted such a huge demand.

Additionally, why is everyone so eager to get this device today? Everybody, especially Nexus owners and seasoned tech guys should know by now that early adopters are ALWAYS the ones that get shafted.

Have a cup of tea, wait a couple of weeks if you have too, see if any potential issues emerge and chill out. What can you possibly gain from being one of the first to own this device? A few million have just ordered it too, your not special in anyway. Have some patience.

Everyone round here is acting like a bunch of mac tard iTwats.
    • 0
not long til we hear about the first batch hardware faults.
    • 0