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Qualcomm launches ICS drivers for Adreno 2xx GPUs

Qualcomm hasn’t often been the modding community’s best friend – they haven’t always been the quickest to get their libs and drivers out, especially on the Adreno graphics front. With ICS’s huge reliance on Hardware Acceleration though, getting custom ROMs out that are smooth and reliable has been a bit of a hack job.

To try and convince Qualcomm to be a bit more open to the modding community dismayed users have been petitioning on Qualcomm’s forums to get any form of support released. Luckily, this seems to have made some impact, as ICS-supporting binaries for all Adreno 2xx series GPUs have been made available.

Of course, what does this mean for you? If you’re a developer it means you have a lot more help with the GPU in many devices, such as pretty much all HTC and Sony Ericsson models and many more.

As discovered by the members of our own the ZTE Blade forum though, the release seems to only work on ARMv7 devices, so it looks like the Blade and Monte Carlo will not be supported. Sorry to break the news.

If you’re an end user, hold tight, and let the devs get to work, and don’t pressure them too much expecting the ROMs to just suddenly work. :D

For interested devs, get it here : Qualcomm

About the author

Victor von Zeppelin's Photo
Victor Von Zeppelin (aka Dan) is a college student with aspirations for Uni in the near future. He's keenly interested in tech, but should probably be out doing things regular teenagers do.

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Mar 16 2012 11:02 PM
Good news for HTC Desire ICS ROM developers then? *fingers crossed*
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damn was getting all excited when I read the title. Its a start though and hopefully, they may release more
    • 0
It looks like it was mostly all the qsd8250 owners petitioning on qualcomms forum that did it.

May be worth getting all the zte alcatel plus Samsung LG HTC msm7227 armv6 owners to petition for suitable drivers.
    • 0
Victor von Zeppelin
Mar 17 2012 12:25 AM
Unless any of those devices are slated for ICS from any manufacturers, it's a lot less likely
    • 0
The msm7227a is a new armv7 with adreno 200, and a few devices were shown of at mwc with that chipset
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