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Samsung Galaxy 2 to get CM9 nightlies starting today

One of the most popular Android devices from 2011 was, without question, the Samsung Galaxy S2. Starting today this phone will receive nightly builds of the new generation CyanogenMOD - version 9! There's no need to say that it's Ice Cream Sandwich? :P

@Codeworkx informed us this morning that the Galaxy S 2 specific sourcecode was now merged into CyanogenMod mainline which will open up the repo's for all and give us the daily dose (the nightlies) for our ORD (Obsessive ROM updating Disorder).

The nightlies can be downloaded from the CyanogenMod site. A nicely done device specific changelog, which listes all commits merged affecting the SGS2, can be found on the CM nightlies site. Because @Cyanogen was asked by Google to remove the Google proprietary applications from their CM build a while back, these must be flashed separately.

For those of you eager to compile your own version of CM9, head over to cyanogenmod's wiki. The guide is pretty easy to follow, but you'll have to change "gingerbread" to "ics" in the instructions. If you get stuck, you can always post here and i'll help if I can!

Source: XDA Developers

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Mar 01 2012 11:28 PM
A little bit of favoritism by Cyanogen for Samsung there? Since Mr. Cyanogen himself joined their ranks? How much of a percentage of CyanogenMod users actually have Samsungs? I'd be interested to find this out cos I don't think it's a majority.
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Why is it favoritism? The SGS2 is not the only device to get CM9 nightlies. Does it really even matter anyway?
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