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MMW 63 - Welcome Rafe

James (@nortools) and I are proud to present the MoDaCo Mobile Week 63 - Welcome Rafe...

...sharing our views about the news in this week's mobile world, with special guess Rafe Blandford from All About Windows Phone!

In this weeks ~1 hour edition, converted from our live MoDaCo Mobile Week On Air broadcast, we're talking about...
  • Moments
  • Nokia X
  • Au-revoir Ovivo
  • Wearable-tastic!
  • Oppo Find 7
  • iPhone 5C 8Gb
  • When do you want to watch us? What day and what time?
...as well as our usual tangents and questions submitted live!

You can get the podcast in the following ways:
  • Direct download from the downloads section of the site
  • Via iTunes (search for MoDaCo!)
  • Via RSS with enclosures - simply add the feed to the reader of your choice
Your feedback is really valuable and will tell us whether it is worth our while to continue running the podcasts! Do you listen? What do you like? What do you not like? Please leave your feedback in the comments below, you can also rate us on iTunes!

You can now leave us voicemail messages for us to include in the podcast!

Call us up on 01379 888206 (from inside the UK) or 0044 1379 888206 (from outside the UK) and we'll do our best to include your message / answer your question!

You can listen to this weeks show here...

Or download in MP3 format...

As this podcast was broadcast 'On Air', you can also see the show below via YouTube.

About the author

PaulOBrien's Photo
Paul O'Brien founded MoDaCo in 2002 as a site focused on Windows Smartphones and has grown it since then by concentrating on providing a friendly community for both experienced and beginner mobile enthusiasts.

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Listened with interest to the comments on the Nokia X and the other new Nokia mobiles targeted for 3rd world countries.

I was just wondering out of interest how good the data infrastructure is in these markets to justify the use of a smartphone? Also one of the best features of these phones is supposed to be Nokia maps but how comprehensive are they for say India, Africa,etc?

I use Feedly to check for new episodes of my podcasts then download them and listen to them on my Mp3 player while I'm working.

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