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  1. Buying this phone :)

    I would say lower sensitivity relative to more expensive phones, but nothing too offputting. Pros: It was the best budget phone (~£100) a few months ago. Will probably soon lose that title. Big screen SD Card expansion Great Dev community Stirs intrigue since no one's heard of it before Cons: Not as smooth and responsive as non-budget phones Mic voice volume too low for others to hear
  2. Hi all, I haven't installed this rom (or any other for that matter) but I've been reading these forums and trying to find a way to be useful. Don't know if it helps, but may be useful to have a stock benchmarker to compare, to know what errors were introduced by the rom and what already existed in stock. If belongs somewhere else, then please move, or delete if it's not helpful at all. I'm on U8815 - Baseband 2030 - B952 - ICS 4.0.3 non-rooted non-anything. TVCatchup for example stopped working in about early december (sound would play for a second and then "Video not working" error would come up). This seems to have been fixed by tvcatchup in an app update 3 days ago. LED notification lights work erratically. I'll have a new whatsapp message but no notification light. External SD Card used to unmount randomly - changed it for another SD Card (Class 10) and no random unmounts anymore Thanks
  3. I've had it for a few months, it was the best handset value-wise for £100 . Good size, good functionality, everything you'd want for a budget smartphone (it's not meant to be an apple-beater).I think you can get the next version, G330, for £100 now which should be somewhat better than this. Like others have said, it was good in Gingerbread, then the ICS updates made it worse. I haven't tried any of the mods yet, I'm still a novice. It's also has a novelty factor in a way because no one's heard of it, and friends peer at it curiously and try to say the word "Huawei" as they poke at it.