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  1. Hello, Dear KonstaT, Some questions about building ROM: I was flashed CM11 ROM ,And no GSM/3G connection possible because my phone is ChinaUNICOM version. So i means how to make or bulid can support the ChinaUNICOM version, e.g you had built a MIUI Rom for blade 3,but the offical MIUI rom is only for N880E,how you can change the networks mode can make the rom support blade 3? LogCat info:
  2. oh yeah, My Recovery version is so I didn't signed this zip. thanks my english is not well ... :)
  3. Download: https://hotfile.com/...Splash.zip.html Enter the Recovery directly into the Flash this download Zip 02.zip 03.zip 04.zip 05.zip 06.zip
  4. I've happened ROM Power Down, down to 49% from 60% directly, but then I emptied the battery information, there is no such a thing from happening again, you should try your battery voltage, brothers
  5. My phone was bought at 3 weeks ago,but i don't think it better than San Francisico blade and ZTE blade for ChinaUnicom,only RAM is greater than ChinaUnicom .How do you think?
  6. In china have greater than 3000mh battery,do you believe?
  7. Please I want to know that your LBE version?
  8. CyanogenMod for blade Nightly 2012-12-02 New version. :-D
  9. Zoplor

    No IMEI number

    let me tell you that how can repair this problem,please download this zip file [ http://www.vdisk.cn/down/index/11464375 ]and unzip get a image.bin file, then new folder named" image" at root of SDcard. pick the image.bin into SDcard>image folder,next power off your MobilePhone, you must be enter T flash update not is Recovery. :) i'm chinese and 17 years old,english is not well, so....
  10. Zoplor

    No IMEI number

    weeks ago,my softbank 003z too.but now is perfect,:)
  11. Zoplor

    'Odex Me' application