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  1. Other than being unable to update Nova Launcher (80MB apparently is insufficient space for a 2.88MB update) i've no issues. Though I have to say I hate the Play Store redesign...ugh <_<
  2. Having reduced the caffeine and adrenaline in the system, a small re-evaluation after stepping back off the cliff. I can update now after working out that for some reason I had god knows how many apps transfer from the SD card to the internal memory. I went from less than 40mb available to over 140mb to play with. Digging around in the files I haven't actually lost the pix and music, they just don't show up where they are supposed to. It's still a little sluggish, whether or not that is because it's borked or I was just anticipating a massive leap in performance from GB I don't know. Thanks, trying to see if I can salvage it first before knocking it down ;) If I can balls up an OTA update, imagine the carnage I can create with rooting and custom ROMs!! Seems to be decision akin to buying a nice shiny Fiat, the heart keeps saying it sounds just like a Golf though.
  3. Six hours ago, I had a perfectly good phone running 895. then I figured seeing as the issues with 936f had been apparently rectified I may as well make the leap having waited for over a month for them to fix it. Six hours later, I have a phone that.... -Is unable to update apps due to 'insufficient storage'. Despite clearing the cache and whole internal memory, still nothing. Even with 9GB left on my SD card and making it the default storage, nothing. -Refuses to install a number of apps from the back-up. -Half my images and all my music has disappeared. -Is slower than a frozen mole on sandpaper. Uphill. -Unresponsive screen, hanging. -Randomly changes settings from turning wifi off to occasional reboots and no boot/lock screen after replacing battery after it locks up. There are probably more issues, but frankly i'm close to throwing it through the wall out of the window. Confused, angry. Looking for a way to fix :(