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  1. can u share Orange rom sound config file ?
  2. anyone knows what XOLO's sound config file NAME is ?
  3. sorry, i tried these app earlier they didnt work. But Im more kinda need something like this > http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1722136 But my phone doesnt have "default_gain.conf" may be since XOLO is different then all other androids
  4. I have rooted my X900 (Intel_AZ210) I even have root file explorer installed. Can anyone tell me where and what is the name of the config file under system, so that I can edit it and boost the sound ? As im facing issue, where when Im on any call the other persons sound I feel is low. I can hear it, but still I feel I need to increase a bit. please help. ;0
  5. thanks, I did that :) im rooted again now.
  6. ok im reading manual.rar can u point me the page, in case. also. i read the manual. but thats all i found about my problem. and downgrade option doesnt work.
  7. yes XOLO, i did update that 27MB 2 months back. should i roll back ? I think thats the issue. ! Also, Im taking backup with ur AIO right now, will that help me restore my apps when I roll back to ICS update.zip ?
  8. Thanks for tip. I tried what u said, it went ahed. now stuck on this screen http://i.imgur.com/iSwpy0T.jpg
  9. the root screen keeping running nothing happens even after i click on "Restore data" on my phone.. phone says.. restore started... and then restore end. But after that nothing happening :/
  10. great job mate. really appreciate ur work. If it works I wud love to donate something
  11. Xolo Software update Available

    I just installed the 27MB update on my Rooted Lava XOLO x900. waste of time, nothing special in the update.. nor it fixed the game crashing problems on my xolo.