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  1. hum... hope that eveything is fine with him... the best developer ever... thanks for everything, roms and support
  2. looool this topic is a lot of fun... serious this guy doesnt know how to handle an android phone... doesnt know how to use a pc and insulted everyone that try to help... if someone knows what is saying is KonstaT and you send him to f#ck him self???? lol what a boring child... sorry KonstaT but my solucion is the best. buy a windows phone and have fun using windows7 or xp or wtf you use... if you have money buy a Mac and a Iphone (please forget about jailbreack) ... for 10 euros i can sell you a Nokia 3310 (its unbreakable) very good for you and you can call your imaginary cousin all the time...
  3. you dont have a one click solution... someone already tell you what to do! Use a Linux OS, install antroid-tools (ADB and Fastboot) flash the recovery, put a rom in the SD and install it... thats it... dont like Linux? dont use Android, buy a windows phone.
  4. AMAZING build... Thanks KonstaT. I just have 3 problems with this build. 1 - when i conect bluetooth to the car audio it gets reversed. the radio controls the phone tracks and the sound is played by the phone (your 4.1.2 is working ok) 2 - i have random reboots too... (i notice that if i desable any task manager apps the reboots stops 3 - when conect to laptop over usb the touchscreen it gets strange reaction to touch... like if i touch every options at the same time (strange) Hope this helps you making it better keep the amazing work ps: sorry my bad english

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