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  1. dannyfoz added a topic in Sony Xperia J   

    low volume on xperia j?
    not sure if this is the right place to post this kind of thing... but I have an xperia J and the sound volume was terrible on it.... there is an app on the play store though called sound boost that works a treat! Hurts my ears now through headphones :) just thought other people with the same phone will appreciate the tip
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  2. dannyfoz added a topic in Absolute Beginners   

    Will Samsung S3 gti9300 roms work for the FeiTeng gti9300 as it is a clone?
    Wasn't sure where to post this, but I have just bought a FeiTeng gti9300 and with it being a clone of the samsung S3, I am wondering if roms for the S3 will work on the FeiTeng? I am only asking because I cant find any roms for the feiteng anywhere!


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  3. dannyfoz added a post in a topic [ROM] harrybao_TMV_r3b by iharrybao [daily use]   

    hmmmm im struggling to find the download link for this rom... currently on FnC 7, but want to try this. can someone provide a link to this rom? Thanks

    EDIT: sorry.... was looking from a work pc and certain parts of the first post were blocked.... sorted now :) will flash later
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