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  1. Basically, when the device lags or hangs/becomes unresponsive etc. Or when changes/settings require a reboot.... I most often hot boot when I've been heavily using lots of apps, starting fresh..... :-)
  2. Would it be possible to add a "Hot Boot" option to the extended power menu? I find it very handy on my Galaxy S2...... With only the UI being restarted, it's so much quicker than a full boot..... Thanks!
  3. Paul - just wanted to applaud you for your fantastic work! :D My 7 is now running light and fast, several days battery life. Sweet! Just in case anyone is interested in removing system apps (bloatware!), install ROM Customizer by FICETO (Alliance ROM) - the app is designed for Samsung kit, but the "Manage System Apps" section works on all ROMS - it also backs up any uninstalled apps for easy restore.....