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  1. Hi, sorry for not logging in for a while, but a few days after my last post, the phone just died (would not power on). The shop said they would send it back for repair, but could take up to 2 months (if they don't find out it has been rooted and the ROM replaced and refuse to service it). They said the same thing happened to other customers, and I found a few cases on this forum as well. In other words, you get what you pay for...
  2. I brought the phone to the network operator and they reset the APN, but I don't think the problem has anything to do with mobile data : if I disable mobile data and then untick "use 2G network only", it will still immediately lose connection and complain about "no service". The phone just cannot connect or register with a 3G network anymore....
  3. Hi, I had CM10.1 on my G300 but was experiencing a lot of 3G issues (loss of signal or reboots when switching from Wifi to Mobile data) ; the phone was originally bought in Thailand, updated OTA from GB to ICS by one of the shop clerks, and until a few days ago, IMEI SV was 38. I decided to try out the latest ICS stock (see here ) in B952 to see if it would improve things. I flashed it and everything seemed fine (IMEI SV now 50), so did a full clean install of CM10.1 R2 (wipe & format data/cache/system, flash ROM, flash gapps). The installation went smoothly and all my apps are working, except now the phone won't even connect to my provider's 3G network. I have to run it with "2G data only" checked. If I uncheck it, it immediately loses signal, and I get a "No service" notification. Check 2G again, and it registers immediately, accessing data with EDGE and GPRS. Logcat shows things like this : I/Use2GOnlyCheckBoxPreference( 739): set preferred network type=0 ... I/Use2GOnlyCheckBoxPreference( 739): set preferred network type done ... I/UpdateCheckReceiver( 7904): Got connectivity change, has connection: false ... E/MobileDataStateTracker( 490): default: unknown network type: 0 D/ConnectivityService( 490): ConnectivityChange for mobile: DISCONNECTED/DISCONNECTED D/ConnectivityService( 490): Attempting to switch to WIFI D/ConnectivityService( 490): Attempting to switch to BLUETOOTH_TETHER D/NetUtils( 490): android_net_utils_resetConnections in env=0x4e620b90 clazz=0xf0500001 iface=rmnet0 mask=0x3 D/ConnectivityService( 490): resetConnections(rmnet0, 3) ... I restored my CWM backup from before the Stock flash, and I now get the same thing, so it seems the B952 flash somehow broke the phone's ability to connect to 3G (it was flashed using POWER + VOL UP + VOL DN and update.app). Does anybody have suggestions as to what I can try to restore 3G ? I was thinking of reflashing the bootloader or RIL, but don't want to do any more damage if I can avoid it. Cheers, Fred
  4. Thanks for this fast and feature-rich ROM, yet without bloat ! I have encountered a few minor glitches already described in this thread ("process system not responding",camera lag, occasional UI lag...), but also an issue with the stock video player ; MP4 files seem to play fine (but choppier than on CM10), while some AVI files cannot be read at all ; the player will attempt to open then close as soon as the video starts playing ; the sames files played flawlessly under CM9/10. The gallery also seems to be unable to generate the preview thumbnails for videos as it used to in CM9/10. Cheers, Fred PS : can I disable the gMail app without breaking stuff ? It warns me of being a system app, but I have already set up all my mail accounts (including gMail) in the stock Email app so I don't need the standalone gMail in addition. For now, I have deactivated notifications and sync to the account.