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  1. Acer CloudMobile S500 Screen/Parts

    http://newphonerepair.be/reparatie/acer-herstellen-reparatie/acer-cloudmobile-reparatie-herstellen only 169 Euro does someone have a bricked phone for me i need the glass i ll give u 50 euro for it :)
  2. Root CloudMobile

    could we adjust the host file in previous backup ics and flash in recovery and zip the folder than we have at least no ads ...
  3. [MOD] ICS BubbleNotification Style

    can we use/adjust the bubble notification for jelly bean
  4. Root CloudMobile

    ok done ;) fast and easy too now i need system r/w permissions
  5. Root CloudMobile

    version 4.1.2 = jelly bean
  6. Root CloudMobile

    yes, but i still have got root permission >> unlock method was succesfull
  7. Root CloudMobile

    after jelly bean update again we need to root, can someone explain previous method isnt working anymore
  8. [RECOVERY] CWM for S500

    what steps to follow after auto unlock bootloader to instal the recoverymode.
  9. Root CloudMobile

    can somone explain how to read write system folder already rooted my s500