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  1. Reci mi buraz, jel ja mogu neki drugi rom da instaliram a da nije taj SkatieRom pa TEK onda ovaj tvoj Inovative 2.3 ? Nervira me onaj glupavi rom (Skatie), ima dosta glupih opcija! ;) Translation : Can i use a different rom and then urs Inovative 2.3 rom ? I dont like the SkatieRom, it has many option that i dont preffer! :)
  2. It'll take some time...but they will be here! :)
  3. Waooo, those are pretty cool phones that i didnt know about at all... :D I mean, they are cheap and really great in look and the specs. Hope they will come at my city so i can buy one for myself! :wub:
  4. This is a great phone (Skate) , and i don't regret i gave 130 euros for this phone, it was brand new and i loved it same moment i put it in my hands... :wub: Quite cheap and good, only thing "ONLY"...that u can't use the flash when ever u want, all other stuff are working super, like on some phones that cost 200-250 euros! Am i right ZTE Skate lovers? :D
  5. It's oke, i see u mistaken.. :) Here just matters that u disable those two and we can discuss of those roms u all have. Cheers :D
  6. Yes that's all true what u guyz are talking...but some rom's can go to 980Mhz some just can't. So the point here is to set the most highest BUT still stable clock and then run the newest AnTuTu benchmark (when i created this topic new version of that program was released and to this day it remain the same, don't know for how long tho.) And @themarkoface try to disable SD and Database OI and then post ur SS again. REMEMBER, this topic is to see how high can ur Rom go in OC and to be stable in same time, so don't go in the discussion with the words like : this topic is made before, try to disable this, try to disable that.....bla blaaaa! Join the topic, share ur SS but please don't be a smartass so much. We are here just to have some fun and see some other Rom's info, ups and cons without installing it to ur own ZTE Skate mobile.
  7. Nearly the same, but still yours is better... :D
  8. Heres the non SD and DB version of benchmark, did turned off them both. Dont know why its different (CPU,RAM...) from the first SS but i dont care, its small difference! Try from now to just post benchmarks without the Database OI and SD OI. And for those who dont know, this topic was started just to see whats the fastest ROM out there, many other topics are outdated, from then alot of roms came out. Lets see hom much more people will join this thingy. :P
  9. I did that 980Mhz oc just for benchmarking...but when i use it all day long it becomes very very laggy, does that happens to you too with your ROM? :huh:
  10. As the title says how high can ur ZTE Skate go in ur AntuTu Benchamrk, this topic is started to see various custom roms...its performance...highest overclock...who likes what and vise versus.Share ur screenshots and i would like to be the first one to share mine SS with u. So here it is : Lets see urs now... :D
  11. As the title says how high can your ZTE Skate go in AntuTu Benchamrk, this topic is started to see various custom roms...it's performance...highest overclock...who likes what and vise versus. Share your screenshots and rom you use. So here's mine first, this score was gained with AtomICS 1.5 rom with the newest S kernel : Lets see yours now... :D
  12. I must say that i'm quite impressed. :wub: Had trying 30 or so custom roms for my ZTE Skate but when i came across this rom...i stoped searching! :D It's super good, no lags or stuff like that, bugs...etc.! I only installed Link2SD and deleted roms inside app (some of it) and its keyboard and launcher... :ph34r: cuz i use one and only "Perfect Keyboard pro" (thats the real name of it if anyone what's it too) , it's awesome how it behaves in this rom. :blush: Launcher is ADW, and same for him this stands, speedy and stylish! :) To sum up it's one extra cool and stable rom for everyday use. If anyone what's to know it's rating in AnTuTu benchmark is ~2800 with my 4gb micro SD card and details like : O'C at 940mhz, smartassv2... so far the best score i seen in all the roms i tryed AND if u think i'm lying go and test ur rom and say what's ur score. :D I recommend this rom u won't regreat it :excl: :wub: