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    XMOD: MoDaCo Toolkit for Xposed Framework

    Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 using CyanogenMod Nightlies...
  2. tphs

    XMOD: MoDaCo Toolkit for Xposed Framework

    Hi Paul, Thanks for the update! Two things: - will the volume warning disable only work on the HTC One? - could you implement a 'no camera shutter sound' mod? Regards
  3. tphs

    XMOD: MoDaCo Toolkit for Xposed Framework

    This is a great idea, even more important than my VPN request :)
  4. Will there be an update to RC1 this friday? :)
  5. tphs

    XMOD: MoDaCo Toolkit for Xposed Framework

    Paul, Would it be possible to add a mod which disables the 'do you want to allow the app...blabla...' prompt (which is shown when a VPN connection is established by an app) for specified apps? Reason: I can use commercial public Wifi hotspots for free when using VPN connections of my university. In order to auto-connect, I use Tasker and a VPN app when a specific network is connected. But after a reboot, I always need to allow the app to establish VPN (security measure), which is kind of a PITA....
  6. It's all about such small details... ;)
  7. _motley working fine for me with r8...
  8. Paul, to your Adblock question: I personally prefer and use AdAway - could you include it in the kitchen as an option? And another thing: Could you please include the phone app in order to be able to use it for some commands which have to be sent via dialpad (for example checking the balance on prepaid SIM)? Also the SMS app is missing AFAIK. Thank you & best regards!
  9. Paul, Sorry to bother you, but have you already had a chance to look into this request? Regards
  10. Paul, Just dirty-flashed this over your other custom ROM, everything working great so far! One little addition would be cool: Phone and SMS apps! I need them to check the balance of my prepaid SIM. Could you add these options to the kitchen? Regards
  11. That's what I wanted to hear :P Thanks!
  12. Will there be a Modaco Cyanogenmod version for the N7 3G? Pretty Please? :ph34r: :P