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  1. Help CWM wont install?

    was this problem resolved?
  2. the problem must be of the bootloader. i think that this is not unlocked. i tryed this i saw on other discussion, the Chinese bootloaderunlocker, but didnt worked to. could it be because i didnt rooted by that exe too? i already had root so i didnt rooted with that bootloaderunlocker. Any help!?
  3. welll i used unlockbootloader.exe (http://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Blog/Guide-How-to-root-and-install-Android-4-0-3-on-Huawei-Ascend/ba-p/5781620) apparently, it worked. next i tried to instal cwm and by the cmd- all worked fine... pulled the batery of.. 5 sec... volume up and power bottom.. and again no cwm... only recoverymode. I DONT KNOW WHY BUT I CANT INSTAL CWM!!! PLEASEE HELP MEE
  4. huawei driver- check usb debugging- triplecheck sdk? fist time i did all this steps, i did not needed that...
  5. welll... this is the pointo of the situation now. i have root. i have already unlock the bootloader. but when i try to instal cwm... still waitting for the device. isn't there other way of installing cwm without being via bootloader??? via bootloader, my computer keeps waitting...
  6. I thought I had cwm instaled. but when i tried to upgrade to B952 with the zip, i saw that it was on recoverymode and not at cwm... by recoverymode, when i try to instal zip (b952) it gives me an error. as i said later, when i (re)instal cwm and tried to open it, it open again recoverymode and not cwm. For last, i tried update via and app i thought it could help me, and now i dont have root too!!!! :S im trying to root and my pc only say "device not found" or "waiting for device". what do you mean? i didnt understand what you said. how can i come back to fulll stock? and other question: could it be, problem of my sdcard? i have there cwm folder and some other things....
  7. im sure i had internet. other ideas???
  8. hi everyone, this is my first post here and i have to thank you all for the help you made after i bought my g300. i rooted and installed everything and for 5 months it was beautiful.... BUT.... yesterday, i tried to update my ics to B952 and by the explanation i went into cwm and install zip BUT (second But) i didnt had cwm installed... installed many times and.... nooothing. tryed to instal zip for other way and booom... lost root and everuthing. my phone works very well, i have android 4.0.3, baseband 2030 and kernel 3.0.8- perf-00240-g6df6f4c and i am at B934 when i try to root, instal cwm or anything else that needs to connect by bootloader, my pc keeps saying "waiting for device". always i connect my g300 throw boatloader, my vista makes me instal all the drives, and it takes for less than 1 min to finish.. can anyone help me.... i would like to root (again) instal cwm , and update for B952 but i have that problem.... sorry my english, im portuguese