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  1. The N2 is of similar thickness as the G300, but it has very slightly more protruding camera (half a milimetr? one milimetr?). For me the feel of the body materials on N2 is better. The viewing angles are better also on the N2.
  2. I'm from the Czech Republic. The camera lens stands out by approx. 1mm, maybe even less. I have had a HTC Evo 3d, and the N2 is way better. I can use it much more and it still lasts late into the night. I get 14-24h with 2 to 3h hours screen time, with WiFi on half of the time and data on all the time. I would say I get 75-100% more... I can not compare it with my wife's G300 as she has completely different usage habits. She only calls, texts and sometimes takes a photo or checks emails.
  3. I have ordered my Newman N2 from Etotalk.com. The phone arrived 7 days after payment (DHL) and everything was as described. The phone is fantastic. Great display, nice and fast system, very good camera (that is for a phone). All the apps that I use and need do work very well. Jiri
  4. That would be the weight of the packaging. The phone itself is said to be 153g, as per this site (where I bought my phone) http://etotalk.com/newman-n2-exynos-4412-quad-core-14ghz-47-inch-hd720-ips-gorilla-glass-ii_p3363.html
  5. $320 USD incl. shipment from China. What made me choose it over anything else? To that I must first answer another question: First of all, why go for a different phone, when I already had a rather good one, the HTC Evo 3D? Battery life. It was a rare day when I did not have to charge the phone early in the evening/night, and I do not play games a lot (when averaged it would not be more than 5minutes a day). All the phones up to or at around $200 with larger battery offered pretty similar or only slightly better features than my Evo3D (like HD display + larger battery in the JiaYu G3, or HD display with similar battery in Umi X1). For some time my favorite for upgrade ws Lenovo P770 - significantly larger battery, but otherwise almost the same as Evo 3D. Then I came acros the N2 and learned that for ~50-60% more compared to the Umi or JiaYu, and for roughly the same as the P770, I could have a "machine" with performance to spare (the Exynos 4412 chip is either at the top of the race or very close to it), is well supported by development (unlike the new HuaWei quad core chip, whose graphic part is not supported well ATM), does not have AmoLED display (I'm not a fan there of at the current state of development. I've seen quite a few burned-in displays around me), has a larger display (4.3" of the Evo3D started feeling small, as I was using the phone more and more for reading, browsing, emails...) but still is comfortable to be used one-handed, and has a large battery which should provide it with relatively long battery life. Basically, that I could have a Samsung flagship for half the price. It's true that I don't need the 4-cores performance, that 2-cores like in the Umi or JiaYu would be sufficient most (>95%) of the time, but it also means the unused cores can sleep and therefore lower the battery drain, prolonging battery life. In my opinion (and I might be completely wrong in this regard), the Exynos 4412 using only 2 cores should be more power efficient than the 2-core MediaTek MTK 6577 chip. Also, on HTC Evo 3D I was using CyanogenMod ROM (agrabren's CM10 Disarmed Toaster), and was reasoning that since the N2 has that Exynos for lower price, some skilled developer would catch on and port some of the SGSIII ROMs to the N2 - IMO the community around that phone should grow well and fast, in my opinion more than the community around the Umi or JiaYu, or the other phones (ZTE,...) Jiri
  6. Hello, for the past 4 days I'm an owner and user of the Newman N2 phone (ordered from EtoTalk.com) and I must say I'm impressed with it. My previous phone was HTC Evo 3D, and the N2 is in different (better) league alltogether. It's a wonderful phone, one that I would recommend to all of you (but yes, it's more expensive than Umi X1) Jiri