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  1. Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL Review

    Kurvitko isn't an app Ascend D1 Quad XL from Huawei is new, fast and good looking high-end phone... Okay, but for how long? Where does it have kurvitko installed? On motherboard, cpu, display or just in wifi modul? In these days, everything have this catch - after one year, maybe two it cause defect(s) of the device... We call it simply kurvitko. You will have to change damaged part(s) or buy new device. Consume! Obey! Consume faster! Salary vs price for chinese workers It is expensive model. With quad-core. Yes. With nice big display. Yes. And with lot of patented parts. That's one of reasons why it's so expensive. Still okay. BUT! these parts will fu*k itself later anyway. And without these patents the parts can cost less money. Maybe half or even quarter price. So the kids that had assembly the device can get a bigger salary than 50-70eur/month. Story from history Once i bought Nokia N97 - shiny new, just few months on the market... Never again. N97 was very expensive device with poor hardware, poorer firmware and the poorest support. Few months after release of flagship, Nokia stopped support and updates completely! After a very short time, it was almost impossible to find new app. And today? It works as mp3 player :D With touchscreen, qwerty-keyboard and without a chance to make it better. Patents vs. approach And in this case of war between Apple, Google Samsung, Android, Microsoft, manufacturers and crisis - anything can happen. Android isn't stable - not in technical manor of course, but under the circumstances. This patent war should end quickly. And winners? Costumers in first place. And hopefully Android... Desktop vs smartphone Now you can get great models for a half price +/-. And they will do the same work for you as the model reviewed. If you need computer, go and buy a computer, not a phone. Desktop is still unbeatable and you will find out very quickly that many things you just cannot do on a phone, even if you want to or need to. After few months count up how many apps you are using often. Five? Four? Little money for a lot of music! For usual bussines or working days just choose lighter models G300, G600 or G330 Dualcore. Spend your money for your hobbies, buy some appz, accessories or whatever. Give a try to 4" Ascend Smallest computing power on paper have Huawei G300. With 1GHz CPU (overclocking possible to 1,3GHz), 4GB internal memory and 512MB RAM. But it is hard worker, you will be happily surprised! Model G600 has already dualcore CPU running on frquency 1,4GHz. RAM has 512MB and Internal memory size is 4GB. That is enough for maximum 20 applications running. You can even play last games, watch videos, read books, basic edit photos or use your phone as remote control of desktop PC. And without problems! Both phones have been updated to more stable and visually more cool Android 4.0.3 ICS - Ice Cream Sandwich. Quad, quad, quad If you think that you need quadcore anyway - than grab Huawei Ascend D Quad, which is completely same as model XL in review - just has smaller battery (2150 or 2230 mAh). Cheaper more than quarter? Only because battery?? You can also try Ascend Honor2 Quad, which is D Quad just in new jacket. Chinese Warrior So, at least three phones that most people will be satisfied or even happy with. And one extremly big, heavy and expensive. In Berlin on IFA fair nobody expected so powerful smartphone.... No, really, nobody expected that from Huawei... New warrior grew up on the scene this year and with a proper direction and with a good wind can Huawei eat big portion of market. Finally will become pain in ass for all big traditional manufacturers. That is exactly what they need. Strong competition with rules and without friend-2-friend grey bussineses. -- Ascend G300 owner w/ ICS 4.0.4-CM9