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  1. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    I have already installed this but still getting really bad battery drain when im playin music from sd card. Just wondering if it would be best for me to reboot phone??
  2. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    This is possibly the wrong place for my post but has anyone having battery consumption issues. I never had any before and now I have Android OS and mediaserver taking up a whole lot of battery! Anyone any ideas I'm rooted on xolo deodex thanks in advance
  3. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    Still no joy I dont know why this isnt working! This phone has me stumped, just keeps telling me that adb needs superuser thanks again
  4. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    thing is adb isnt even comming up on my phone which is what is really throwing me off. So i cant get root at all could it be that it thinks from my drivers that i have a samsung phone? thanks
  5. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    Im probably posting in the wrong page but can anyone help me. Ive been trying to root my san diego which ive recently bought but i never get any farther than the first reboot, Im more or less a total noob at all this so any help is appreciated thanks in advance