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  1. Hello, I have permanent recovery. So i can flash rom's as much as i want. No luck with the gps at this moment. Withine 20 minutes my girlfriend arrives (it is her phone) and I will continue to test something. I used thes files ( http://wtrns.fr/J25UMwVV4nKrlBg ) to install the recovery. Just open the Flashtool, select the scatter file and the recovery_eng file. That worked for me.
  2. Hello, If you use a bit of google translate: http://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/list_messages/1526524/0 How to root, how to install a new rom, ...
  3. Argon007

    Jiayu G3 now rooted.

    Hello, I got also a Jiayu G3. Rooted it and installed the new official 29/11/2012 version from Jiayu. At this moment everything is ok, the only problem that I have is the GPS. It takes 20 a 30minutes to fix on the sattelites... So this is the sad news. I just ordered one more for my father. I will look if i got the same problem or not. At this moment there are not much custom roms for this device (you can find them here on a deutsch forum http://chinamobiles....-Tools-amp-ROMs ). Are there users here who does have problem with the GPS receiver in the phone?